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tik·ka 1

Any of various traditional marks or ornaments worn on the forehead in South Asia, especially:
a. A pendant attached by a chain so as to hang from the parting of the hair to the middle of the forehead, worn especially by Hindu brides.
b. A bindi.

[From Hindi ṭīkā and Punjabi ṭikkā, both from Middle Indic *ṭikka; perhaps akin to Sanskrit tilaḥ, sesame seed, mole, and tilakaḥ, freckle, mark made on the forehead.]

tik·ka 2

A South Asian dish consisting of pieces of chicken or other meat marinated in yogurt and spices and cooked on a skewer.

[Hindi and Urdu tikkā, small piece of meat, from Persian tikka, bit, small piece.]


(Cookery) (immediately postpositive) Indian cookery (of meat, esp chicken or lamb) marinated in spices then dry-roasted, usually in a clay oven


(ˈtiːkə) or


1. (Hinduism) another word for tilak
2. (Hinduism) the act of marking a tikka on the forehead
[from Hindi tika, Punjabi tikka spot, mark]
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While Tikkas barrels are known for superb accuracy (I'll get to them in a bit), without the right action to support them, those barrels couldn't provide the peak performance they do.
The foundation of any rifle is the action, and Tikkas have a great one.
The record- chasing chef, though, believes tandoori mushroom tikkas and bharwan aloo follow in the pecking order.
The study across 30 towns revealed illegal levels of E numbers in chicken tikkas which are banned in children's food due to links with hyperactivity.
SIALKOT, January 23, 2011 (Frontier Star): People of the city are falling sick due to sale of tikkas and kababs made from unhygienic meat It has been learnt that a large number of people of Sialkot district are suffering from ulcer due to the open sale of tikkas and kababs made from unhygienic meat.
Located near Shuba Bazaar in City, Namak Mandi is a joyous place and people use it for a few moments of respite away from their routine activities, with the aim to taste Tikkas variety here at numerous shops.
A degree in catering and food inspired her to start experimenting with tikkas and tandoories - the popular Indian flavours - and trying to find a way of preserving them.
Tikkas are the bite-sized chunks of chicken which are then marinated and cooked in the tandoor (coal oven).
She started experimenting with tikkas and tandooris in an attempt to find new ways of preserving them.
Working through its 50-man, nine-rep organization network, Stoeger began offering qualified dealers a special one-time-only deal to purchase five rifles - three Sakos and two Tikkas - at a very special price.
It's Away from the winter chill Jilly Beattie finds hot Indian restaurant The Star Of Bengal tikkas all the right boxes impossible to describe the meals we had at The Star Of Bengal without sounding too dreamy, but they were all fantastic and took me back to my heading early days as a reporter in England when we lived on baltis and Cobra beer.
As evident from the name the bread used to make this sandwich is the world famous naan bread and the filling can be as per your choice ranging from chicken tikka, seekh kebab, paneer bhurji, vegetable bharta, aloo subji and much more.