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til 1

See sesame.

[Hindi, from Sanskrit tilaḥ.]

til 2

Until. See Usage Note at till2.


(tɪl; tiːl)
(Plants) another name for sesame, esp a variety grown in India
[C19: from Hindi, from Sanskrit tilá sesame]


(tɪl, til)

also teel

the sesame plant.
[1830–40; < Hindi]



prep., conj. Nonstandard.
till; until.
[aph. variant of until]
usage: See till1.
References in classic literature ?
We have met with no success here, though that old hag who called herself Til seemed overanxious to bargain for the future information she seemed hopeful of being able to give us.
While the child ate, De Vac hastened to the lower floor of the building in search of Til whom he now thoroughly mistrusted and feared.
Still clad as he was in the mantle and wimple of an old woman, Til did not, at first, recognize him, and when he spoke she burst into a nervous, cackling laugh, as one caught in the perpetration of some questionable act, nor did her manner escape the shrewd notice of the wily master of fence.
TIL was founded by Citi, Credit Suisse and BofA Merrill Lynch in 2004 and has operated its central utility service since November 2005.
After enduring years of neglect by a private owner, the property was taken into city ownership and accepted into HPD's TIL program.