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The EU Council's rotating presidency interpreter combines the eTranslation service - one of the key elements of the Connecting Europe Facility developed by the EC's Directorate-General for Translation - with tools for translating the national languages aaof the rotating presidencies specially developed by the leading European technology a company in the field of language and translation services Tilde. The eTranslation service of the Connecting Europe Facility helps European and public administrations to exchange information, bypassing language barriers in the EU, by providing electronic translation capacities that help build multilingual digital infrastructure.
Neal Oshima, Ginny Roces-de Guzman and Susan Roxas at Tilde Hand Craft Cafe
Eventually committed to a sanatorium by her supposedly loving husband, Tilde must escape to London, where her only son resides.
And here is where The Farm quickly falls apart, after just a few pages, through Smith's curious decision to tell almost the entire story through a series of far-fetched, overly detailed, stilted monologues from Tilde. She talks.
When she gets home, she catches her husband Left (Kim Bodnia) in flagrante delicto on the couch with bimbo Tilde (Christiane Schaumburg-Muller).
AWO Taan Healing Lodge Tilde Parent Link Centre 100, 1603-10th Ave SW Contact: 403.531.1880