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also tym·bal  (tĭm′bəl)
A kettledrum.

[French timbale, from Old French, alteration (influenced by cymbale, cymbals) of tamballe, alteration (influenced by tambour, drum) of Old Spanish atabal, small drum, from Arabic aṭ-ṭabl, the drum : al-, the + ṭabl, drum; see tabla.]
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(ˈtɪmbəl) or


(Instruments) music a type of kettledrum
[C17: from French timbale, from Old French tamballe, (associated also with cymbale cymbal), from Old Spanish atabal, from Arabic at-tabl the drum]
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(ˈtɪm bəl)

2. Also, tymbal. a vibrating membrane in certain insects, as the cicada.
[1670–80; < French, Middle French timbale, alter. (by association with cymbale cymbal) of tamballe, itself alter. (by association with tambour drum, tambour) of Sp atabal < Arabic al ṭabl]
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Indeed, the sailors assured me that often at night the playing of timbals could be heard upon it.
Despite the epidemic, the government has no immediate plans to reintroduce the vaccine to the public, Mark Timbal, spokesperson for the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council told CNN Wednesday.
'I could not say that all were displaced, but so far, as per our latest count, 2,900-plus individuals were affected,' NDRRMC Spokesman Mark Timbal said.
Mark Timbal, spokesman of Office of Civil Defense (OCD), said that temporary shelters were already constructed to encourage the local residents to stay in the evacuation zones until scientists declare that it is safe to go back.
The parents of the Marcelino brothers were in Metro Manila when the fire gutted their house, said Senior Fire Officer 1 Alberto Timbal, chief investigator of the Bureau of Fire Protection here.
For example, Moulds (2005, 2012) employed cladistic methodologies analyzing Australian Cicadidae including the use of a few timbal characters.
COLOUR BOX AND OTHER VENUES * February 15-March 7 * Curated by Nayreen Daruwalla and David Osrin Dedicated to the improvement of women's and children's health in M timbal's informal settlements, the Society for Nutrition, Education, and Health Action, an NGO, has over the past two years organized workshops and exhibitions pairing Dharavi residents with mentor artists and health advocates under the auspices of the Dharavi Biennale.
The Bureau's Dr Bertrand Timbal said rainfall in southeast Australia has decreased over the past 13 years because the subtropical ridge--a band of high-pressure systems over the south of the continent--has become bigger, stronger and more frequent.
TIMBAL. Frente a la instalacion mas poscolonial del timbal --no hay como esta visualidad de Rafael Ferrer, Untitled (1970), para sentir el reajuste de las relaciones de poder, cuando, por ejemplo, el margen reclama una centralidad dramatica--, nos sentimos convocados a entrar a ese mundo de contrastes con la mirada en alto.
Sound is produced when the timbal muscles buckle the timbals, which are chitinous membranes at the base of the abdomen, generating changes in pressure in the abdominal cavity and exiting through the tympana (Young, 1990; Bennet-Clark and Young, 1992; Fonseca and Popov, 1994; Bennet-Clark, 1998).
While no medical report was immediately released, Judge Roberto Timbal told the online news outlet Ob-serva that Eliana died of a heart attack.