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Noun1.time bill - a draft payable at a specified future date
bill of exchange, draft, order of payment - a document ordering the payment of money; drawn by one person or bank on another
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I don't think it lasted four minutes, at the end of which time Bill King was the unhappy possessor of four broken ribs, a broken forearm, and a dislocated shoulder blade.
Last year, with Albany poised to pass a sick time bill, de Blasio intervened to kill it -- promising to grant the benefit through union bargaining.
The opening scene shows the first time Bill sees James's leg, amputated below the knee, thus introducing themes of the body, sexuality, and disability.
It's been a long time Bill, miss you just as much as I did that first year.
Three of the flock made a break for freedom and by the time Bill returned he was too tired to get them back.
Around 14 per cent showed dis-satisfaction whereas 14 per cent remained neutral while 90 per cent of NTC subscribers said they receive bill in time and 07 per cent disagreed on in time bill delivery.
As the youngest of 10 children, all his brothers had moved out of the house by the time Bill received his first musical instrument by mail--a guitar from the Sears & Roebuck Company.
Boorman's script occasionally glisters but, by the time Bill and Percy are hauled before a court-martial judge (Julian Wadham) to answer questions about the theft of a regimental clock instigated, our patience has run out.
Much of the time Bill was the referee who kept order on Dunphy, Giles and Brady but he was also not adverse to a sliding tackle, usually on Eamo, when he thought he was clear through on goal.
Serving in the Navy at the time Bill was home on leave.
NNA - 31/5/2012 - Electricte du Liban's contract workers and part time bill collectors continued their sit in at the court of the company's headquarters in Cornish al Naher but there were no reports of road blocking.
THE last time Bill Kenwright organised free coach travel for fans, he got his fingers burned.