time limit

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time′ lim`it

a period of time within which something must be done or completed.
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Noun1.time limit - a time period within which something must be done or completedtime limit - a time period within which something must be done or completed
period, period of time, time period - an amount of time; "a time period of 30 years"; "hastened the period of time of his recovery"; "Picasso's blue period"
limitation - (law) a time period after which suits cannot be brought; "statute of limitations"
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حَد أو تَحْديد زمني
časový limit
časový limit
mühletsüre tahdidivade

time limit

nzeitliche Begrenzung; (for the completion of a job) → Frist f; to put a time limit on somethingetw befristen
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time limit

nlimite m di tempo
to set a time limit → fissare un limite di tempo
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(taim) noun
1. the hour of the day. What time is it?; Can your child tell the time yet?
2. the passage of days, years, events etc. time and space; Time will tell.
3. a point at which, or period during which, something happens. at the time of his wedding; breakfast-time.
4. the quantity of minutes, hours, days etc, eg spent in, or available for, a particular activity etc. This won't take much time to do; I enjoyed the time I spent in Paris; At the end of the exam, the supervisor called `Your time is up!'
5. a suitable moment or period. Now is the time to ask him.
6. one of a number occasions. He's been to France four times.
7. a period characterized by a particular quality in a person's life, experience etc. He went through an unhappy time when she died; We had some good times together.
8. the speed at which a piece of music should be played; tempo. in slow time.
1. to measure the time taken by (a happening, event etc) or by (a person, in doing something). He timed the journey.
2. to choose a particular time for. You timed your arrival beautifully!
ˈtimeless adjective
1. not belonging to, or typical of, any particular time. timeless works of art.
2. never-ending. the timeless beauty of Venice.
ˈtimelessly adverb
ˈtimelessness noun
ˈtimely adjective
coming at the right moment. Your arrival was most timely.
ˈtimeliness noun
ˈtimer noun
1. a person who, or a device which, measures the time taken by anything. a three-minute egg-timer.
2. a clock-like device which sets something off or switches something on or off at a given time.
times noun plural
1. a period; an era. We live in difficult times.
2. in mathematics, used to mean multiplied by. Four times two is eight.
ˈtiming noun
1. the measuring of the amount of time taken.
2. the regulating of speech or actions to achieve the best effect. All comedians should have a good sense of timing.
time bomb
a bomb that has been set to explode at a particular time.
ˈtime-consuming adjective
taking too much time to do. a time-consuming process/job.
time limit
a fixed length of time during which something must be done and finished. The examination has a time limit of three hours.
time ˈoff noun
a period of time away from work or studying.
time ˈout noun
1. (in basketball etc) a short break requested by the coach to give instructions etc.
2. a short period of rest from an activity. to take time out to relax.
ˈtimetable noun
a list of the times of trains, school classes etc.
all in good time
soon enough.
all the time
at times
occasionally; sometimes.
be behind time
to be late.
for the time being
meanwhile. I am staying at home for the time being.
from time to time
occasionally; sometimes. From time to time he brings me a present.
in good time
early enough; before a set time (for an appointment etc). We arrived in good time for the concert.
in time
1. early enough. He arrived in time for dinner; Are we in time to catch the train?
2. (with with) at the same speed or rhythm. They marched in time with the music.
no time (at all)
a very short time indeed. The journey took no time (at all).
one/two etc at a time
singly, or in groups of two etc. They came into the room three at a time.
on time
at the right time. The train left on time.
save/waste time
to avoid spending time; to spend time unnecessarily. Take my car instead of walking, if you want to save time; We mustn't waste time discussing unimportant matters.
take one's time
to do something as slowly as one wishes.
time and (time) again
again and again; repeatedly. I asked her time and (time) again not to do that.
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There were those who worked in the chilling rooms, and whose special disease was rheumatism; the time limit that a man could work in the chilling rooms was said to be five years.
Consequently, many shabby persons were wont to force their way in without paying, on the plea that they did not intend to remain beyond the time limited. Hence much noisy contention, to the great discomfort even of Royalty.
Then the time limited for his absence would be a week." Then, turning towards Athos: "Monsieur," said he, "your declaration is of the most serious importance; are you willing to repeat it under the seal of an oath?"
PESHAWAR -- The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has notified the time limit, designated officers and appellate authorities in Health, Education, Police Department and Board of Revenue for various services, said a a notification of the establishment department here Monday.
PESHAWAR: The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has notified the time limit, designated officers and appellate authorities in Health, Education, Police Department and Board of Revenue for various services, said a a notification of the establishment department here Monday.
Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has directed to increase the time limit of marriage halls across Lahore, a private media outlet reported Friday.
According to details, for service of issuance of learner license, given time limit would be on the same day, designated officer would be Director Transport in Peshawar and ADC/AC in other districts while appellate authority would be Secretary Transport and Mass Transit Department.
Rule 10CB prescribes the time limit for repatriation of excess money and the rate of interest to be applied for computing the income in case of failure to repatriate the excess money within the prescribed time limit.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Legal expert Tariq Harb stated the constitutional time limit for selecting the three presidencies will end on 14 September, 2014.He added that the time limit to elect the president and his two deputies shall be during this month till its end, because law stipulated that the election of the president should be within one month of the date of the first parliamentary session.Harb said that the period from 30 July to 14 August, 2014 is the time limit for the president to entrust the biggest parliamentary bloc to form a new cabinet within 15 days of president's election.Within one month later (14 August-14 September), the entrusted to form the government should name the cabinet and prepare the ministerial program according to the Iraqi constitution.1428
Neil stated that h was personally in favour of a reducin time limit but had issue a clarific CONCERNS Sturgeon reduction limits to clarification after saying that it was not government policy.
[W]e conclude that [Plaintiffs] have not shown that "there was harm incurred as a result" of the time limit. [citing Monotype].