time line

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time′ line`

or time′line`,

1. a linear, chronological representation of important events.
2. a schedule; timetable.
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Time Line Therapy[R] (TLT) is one technique, among the many used by NLP Practitioners, that is an excellent way of assisting clients to make immediate changes in their lives.
Concise history of science & invention; an illustrated time line.
Volume 11 contains seven indexes, a time line, glossary, and list of maps, among other tools.
In four fifth- and sixth-grade classrooms, we asked students to read and respond to questions about a simple time line summarizing the career of baseball legend Sammy Sosa (adapted from a DRA booklet) (1) and a complex time line illustrating the cultural and political events of an era (The History of Us).
The fact that Dick Cheney's grandchild will have two mommies comes at a difficult point on the Republican Party's time line.
Featuring full-color as well as historical photographs, each informative and thoroughly 'kid friendly' volume is provided with a table of contents, sidebars, a time line of key events, a glossary, an index, and suggested sources for further research which includes thematically appropriate website address.
Concise History of the World: An Illustrated Time Line
Each chapter includes a time line giving historical context to major scientific events, sidebars that detail important topics such as natural selection and the modern theory of the Big Bang, and full-color illustrations and photographs.
In his book Toyota Production System (Productivity Press, 1988) Ono writes: "All we are doing is looking at the time line from the moment the customer gives us an order to the point when we collect the cash.
Featuring a deftly intertwining plot populated mysterious and dangerous shape-shifters, Irish anarchists edging closer to attacks on the Crown, and the murderous Jack The Ripper, Sojourn is a riveting tale of Lassiter's persistent struggle to save the time line necessary for the continued existence her own world of 2057, or perish in her failure to protect it.
Below is a time line of important events in the Cold War.
The dribble-trap can be on either side of the time line (like the "2 Press") with front and back-court locations having their own strengths and weaknesses.