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Noun1.time unit - a unit for measuring time periodstime unit - a unit for measuring time periods  
quantity, measure, amount - how much there is or how many there are of something that you can quantify
24-hour interval, day, mean solar day, solar day, twenty-four hour period, twenty-four hours - time for Earth to make a complete rotation on its axis; "two days later they left"; "they put on two performances every day"; "there are 30,000 passengers per day"
night - the dark part of the diurnal cycle considered a time unit; "three nights later he collapsed"
mean solar time, mean time - (astronomy) time based on the motion of the mean sun (an imaginary sun moving uniformly along the celestial equator)
ephemeris time, TDT, terrestrial dynamical time, terrestrial time, TT - (astronomy) a measure of time defined by Earth's orbital motion; terrestrial time is mean solar time corrected for the irregularities of the Earth's motions
month - a time unit of approximately 30 days; "he was given a month to pay the bill"
sidereal day, day - the time for one complete rotation of the earth relative to a particular star, about 4 minutes shorter than a mean solar day
ship's bell, bell - (nautical) each of the eight half-hour units of nautical time signaled by strokes of a ship's bell; eight bells signals 4:00, 8:00, or 12:00 o'clock, either a.m. or p.m.
60 minutes, hour, hr - a period of time equal to 1/24th of a day; "the job will take more than an hour"
30 minutes, half-hour - a half of an hour
15 minutes, quarter-hour - a quarter of an hour
min, minute - a unit of time equal to 60 seconds or 1/60th of an hour; "he ran a 4 minute mile"
quarter - a unit of time equal to 15 minutes or a quarter of an hour; "it's a quarter til 4"; "a quarter after 4 o'clock"
s, sec, second - 1/60 of a minute; the basic unit of time adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites
attosecond - one quintillionth (10^-18) of a second; one thousandth of a femtosecond
femtosecond - one quadrillionth (10^-15) of a second; one thousandth of a picosecond
picosecond - one trillionth (10^-12) of a second; one thousandth of a nanosecond
nanosecond - one billionth (10^-9) of a second; one thousandth of a microsecond
microsecond - one millionth (10^-6) of a second; one thousandth of a millisecond
millisecond, msec - one thousandth (10^-3) of a second
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The occurrence of total lunar eclipse alone is already a special event, but with the occurrence of blue moon and super moon, it makes it even more special," said Mario Raymundo, chief of the PAGASA Astronomical Observation and Time Unit,
So, Flick is a unit of time, "the smallest time unit which is larger than a nanosecond," that is defined as 1/705,600,000 of a second.
Zewail developed a very fast laser-imaging system that has the ability to monitor the movement of molecules when they arise and when they are welded in a new time unit, in which the picture is taken in a femtosecond, part of a million billionth of a second.
i]--mesoid consists of three types of time units: a time unit already executed or suspended by CPU idle time, called consumption, a time units for a FT invocation and a time unit still available.
Generally, in the steady state of P2P network, 66% nodes have no contribution to the whole system and 20% nodes provide 98% sharing files [11], this means that only a small number of nodes switch their state in a time unit, we don't need to update too much information, so we can greatly reduce network overhead in this way.
It is worth to mention that, in Polish universities, single lesson last 45 minutes while time unit usually consists of two lessons, i.
Detected Data set Time unit failure Description DS1 [37, 38] 60 months 146 Web/based integrated accounting ERP system (WebERP) from August 2003 to July 2008 which uses HTTP on top of UDP/TCP DS2 [37, 38] 49 weeks 94 Open source project management software (OpenProj) from August 2007 to July 2008 used with Remote Display Protocol (RDP) over UDP/TCP DS3 [32] 20 weeks 100 Release 1 of software testing data collected from Tandem Computers which uses a simple Session Control Protocol (SCP) on top of TCP DS4 [32] 19 weeks 42 Release 4 of software testing data collected from Tandem Computers applying (SCP) on top of TCP Table 2: Approximation schemes [51] of PDF for the random integral: [I.
As I see it, r may be changed mathematically by changing the time unit, but this may lead to problems of interpretation if the time unit becomes too large.
If a refuse truck can load/ unload the contents of a communal refuse bin in a single time unit compared to the larger time frame required to load/ unload the contents of individual refuse bins, then the refuse collection service can cover a larger area, service communities over several districts, and allow surplus resources to be reallocated or made redundant.
According to Kentz, the project will be executed through Kentz Construction & Technical Support Services Business Units and will be performed on Work Unit Rate and Time Unit Rate bases.
The front camera is a Face Time unit of lower resolution than the one on the 8X.