an interval between two connected events


or time′ lag`,

the period of time between two closely related events, phenomena, etc., as between stimulus and response.
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While drug discovery and clinical testing are themselves inherently difficult, there are both scientific and non-scientific reasons contributing to the time-lag in biomedical research.
After a sharp intake of breath, the response is always the same - we can't cut the price charged to motorists because of the time-lag involved.
This set-up implements the time-lag method and consists of a permeation cell made up of two chambers divided by a supported paint film.
WITHthe recent kerfuffle about time-lag on racing broadcasts, it was interesting to read on the gambling blogs, about a time-delay `scam' ring being uncovered in Hong Kong.
The OMT 125 Series of fuses complements the existing range of surface-mount fuses by adding a time-lag version in the same form and fit package as the fast-acting OMF 125 version.
International 5 mm X 20 mm fuses are available as quick-acting, low breaking or high-breaking capacity and time-lag low-breaking capacity.
Using that time-lag information, Norris' team examined nine bursts for which astronomers have measured the spectra of their home galaxies and thereby their distances.
That way, you don't notice the time-lag, and by the time I'm ready to ask you the important questions, your file is on my screen.
10) Artifice, in the sense that fiction is a crucial means of conveying history from the time-lag, is inevitable in the 1990s moment of post-coloniality.
As Dietrich Briesemeister shows, Spanish Renaissance rhetoric derives largely from Italian sources, with a cultural time-lag.
It is forecast that, by 2010, legal downloading will account for more than a third of consumer spending on recorded music, although the time-lag while older consumers get used to the new technology will mean that CDs will remain the main format for years to come.
As a cost-effective alternative to managing data laden files and to eliminate the time-lag and labor costs associated with managing log-based files, AuriQ's software solutions also provide visibility for bandwidth resource utilization per URL and as an application for successful capacity planning and accurate charge back of resource usage.

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