an interval between two connected events
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or time′ lag`,

the period of time between two closely related events, phenomena, etc., as between stimulus and response.
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Time-lag effects were found between population fluctuation of red-crowned crane and the climate variables within 2, 4, 6 and 7 years earlier in December and February of the following year.
The declaration of a one-year time-lag has closed doors for many intending students.
Therefore, the peaks in the instantaneous energy spectrum can be used to determine the initiation instant of time of the detonator and to check if blasting initiates at the accurate instant of time for each of the time-lag levels.
While drug discovery and clinical testing are themselves inherently difficult, there are both scientific and non-scientific reasons contributing to the time-lag in biomedical research.
* The high breaking capacity makes this time-lag fuse ideal for applications with high short-circuit currents.
The first three of these are particularly impressive (notwithstanding the time-lag) in allowing the viewer to--respectively--do calculations, draw lines in the air or hit a bouncing ball.
The SHT series time-lag characteristic is according to UL 248-14.
The time-lag method was used to determine the permeability toward the sodium chloride and toward helium and argon, these for approximately 100% relative humidity.
A Holyrood spokesman said: "The UK Government must help the communities in any time-lag between the withdrawal of the RAF and the arrival of the army."
After a sharp intake of breath, the response is always the same - we can't cut the price charged to motorists because of the time-lag involved.
"Monetary policy works with a time lag," the official said, adding that adequate monsoon would have more impact in curbing inflation over the next three months as there would be a time-lag in cashing the benefits of tight monetary policy.
For George to smugly write that the number of victims of such is equal to those in heterosexual relationships ignore the under-reporting, and time-lag, involved in same-sex issues.

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