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also time-serv·er  (tīm′sûr′vər)
One who conforms to the prevailing ways and opinions of one's time or condition for personal advantage; an opportunist.

time′serv′ing adj. & n.
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[ˈtaɪmˌsɜːvəʳ] N (pej) → contemporizador m
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As for those antique floor-cloth & still occasionally seen in the dwellings of the rabble - cloths of huge, sprawling, and radiating devises, stripe-interspersed, and glorious with all hues, among which no ground is intelligible-these are but the wicked invention of a race of time-servers and money-lovers - children of Baal and worshippers of Mammon - Benthams, who, to spare thought and economize fancy, first cruelly invented the Kaleidoscope, and then established joint-stock companies to twirl it by steam.
'You know what I told you about time-servers and wealth-worshippers?'
On the face of it there is a passing resemblance to the Corrie time-server and some say Cov Kid Ann sounds a little like Oldham-born actress Anne Kirkbride.
Asked about his change of mind, Nonaka said, "I just tried my best to save Japan, even if I was called a 'time-server."'
A grumpy time-server who's never got over his ex, Jennifer (Jensen), he reluctantly decides to agree.
Finally, the elected mayor would have to be of a very high calibre indeed and not some washed-out political time-server.
"Cold pizza," "mediocre," "puppet of former Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita," "bland, aging, time-server" and "a man with an unbroken 35-year record for political timidity" were among the expressions used to describe him.
Tucked safely away in the air-conditioned chambers of Whitehall, a million miles away from a classroom, some Government time-server has deemed it necessary to offer the following piece of advice: "It has long been established that rewards are more effective than punishment in motivating pupils.
Whether you consider him a great professional and club servant, or a time-server with no personal pride would depend on your philosophy of life.
Margaret Beckett is a time-server. Patricia Hewitt lacks strategic grasp.
Troilus and Cressida, the young lovers torn asunder by circumstances are totally convincing in their playful lust, but there's no pathos in Cressida's wanton betrayal and even Hector's death barely raises a whiff of the pity of war, but Christopher Godwi n's Machiavellian time-server Pandarus extracts an emotional response in the most unpromising conditions.
A few time-servers are at the back of this problem.