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also time-serv·er  (tīm′sûr′vər)
One who conforms to the prevailing ways and opinions of one's time or condition for personal advantage; an opportunist.

time′serv′ing adj. & n.
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[ˈtaɪmˌsɜːvəʳ] N (pej) → contemporizador m
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As for those antique floor-cloth & still occasionally seen in the dwellings of the rabble - cloths of huge, sprawling, and radiating devises, stripe-interspersed, and glorious with all hues, among which no ground is intelligible-these are but the wicked invention of a race of time-servers and money-lovers - children of Baal and worshippers of Mammon - Benthams, who, to spare thought and economize fancy, first cruelly invented the Kaleidoscope, and then established joint-stock companies to twirl it by steam.
'You know what I told you about time-servers and wealth-worshippers?'
What is evident is how, despite cynicism about the greasy-pole climbers and time-servers of the professional political classes, one man can still have a massive impact.
A few time-servers are at the back of this problem.
"He's one of our time-servers so he's got his eye on a red jersey later on in his career.
Above all else, whether you had the old Electoral Commission of Kenya or its successor, the Interim Independent Electoral Commission, or even the current Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission: all these were likely to be staffed by time-servers and place-seekers of the kind who could hardly dare contemplate announcing that the President had lost the election.
That means culling the time-servers and seat-fillers.
Portugal's Jose Manuel Barroso is the outgoing president of that collection of unaccountable, interfering, overpaid paper-shufflers and time-servers the European Commission.
If the pontiff can also bring a new broom and sweep aside the time-servers, the corrupt and hypocrites who covered up the sins of others, he will restore much of the legitimacy of the institution.
"It is a great pity that a talented man has been sacrificed while time-servers prosper."
Getting staff who are not mere time-servers might be a good start.
The suspicion remains that political time-servers see the post as a meal ticket.