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1. A technique permitting many users simultaneous access to a central computer through remote terminals.
2. also time-share (-shâr′) An ownership interest in a piece of property that entitles the owner to occupy it for a specific period of time each year, or a lease or license agreement that grants a party use and occupancy of a property for a specific time period each year.
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1. a plan in which several persons share ownership or rental costs of a vacation home, entitling each to use the residence for a specified time each year.
2. a computer system or service in which users at different terminals simultaneously use a single computer.
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[ˈtaɪmˌʃɛərɪŋ] N
1. (for holiday) → multipropiedad f
2. (Comput) → tiempo m compartido
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* Seek comment on ways to improve the NCE tie-breaker process and reduce the need for mandatory timesharing, and propose to adopt a mandatory time-share resolution process to minimize the drawbacks of mandatory time-sharing.
Summary: Analysts say time-sharing will help attract new segment of tourists
Rick Scott vetoed a bill revising Florida's alimony and child time-sharing laws.
(10) Finally, [section]61.30(11)(b) mandates use of a gross-up calculation of support for substantial time-sharing. (11)
The bill addresses time-sharing as well, providing a presumption for equal time-sharing of minor children.
In the days before personal computers, global computing was advanced by time-sharing networks, which gave users remote access to high-level computing power by dialing into it.
66, Accounting for Sales of Real Estate, to reference the financial accounting and reporting guidance for real estate time-sharing transactions that is provided in AICPA Statement of Position (SOP) 04-2, Accounting for Real Estate Time-Sharing Transactions.
152, Accounting for Real Estate Time-Sharing Transactions--an amendment of FASB Statement Nos.
Carol, a TUG member, has designed a Web page about time-sharing for people with disabilities.
To some observers, utility computing, also known as on-demand computing, is not that far removed from the days of mainframe time-sharing. Adding capacity was a basic exercise of adding more central processing units, disk storage or random access memory, each of which had fairly predictable costs that could be allocated on a per user or per application basis and were often included in an information technology charge-back model.
This gives a new angle on the concept of time-sharing. No doubt they enjoyed their spacious winter den.