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1. A card, either filled out by an employee or stamped by a time clock, recording the employee's starting and quitting times each work day.
2. An official electronic record serving this purpose.


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) a card used with a time clock



a card for recording the time at which an employee arrives at and departs from a job.
[1870–75, Amer.]
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Noun1.timecard - a card recording an employee's starting and quitting times each work daytimecard - a card recording an employee's starting and quitting times each work day
written account, written record - a written document preserving knowledge of facts or events
2.timecard - a card used with a time clock to record an employee's starting and quitting times each day
card - thin cardboard, usually rectangular


[ˈtaɪmˌkɑːd] ncartellino (di presenza)
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After analyzing the work process and identifying the most common errors, the TQM team implemented a strategy to reduce the timecard error rate, including: providing each supervisor with a preprinted label for each employee with his or her name, Social Security number, title, borough, and district; providing an instructional flyer with employee paychecks that outlined proper timecard procedures; a presentation for borough staff meetings to train borough supervisors about the proper methods of filling out timecards; distributing a memo to all supervisors outlining updated leave regulations; and surveying borough supervisors regarding the usefulness of various aspects of the quality improvement program.
"It used to take three minutes to make an entry on a timecard," he said.
Virtual TimeClock 18 also introduces a new customizable Action menu for easy access to common user tasks like timecard review and approval.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-August 4, 2011-Econz introduces mobile timecard application Timecard GPS on Android(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
degawd My Family (BBC1, 9pm) Ben is outraged when his company sets up a timecard system, so he forms a union in protest, but when his boss offers him his own office and more money if he is willing to spy on his work colleagues will he be tempted to cross his own picket line?
Timecard Monitor, Count Me In's time and attendance software, comes in five editions to meet the varied needs and budgets of any long-term care facility.
In November Mary Francis, the payroll supervisor, went to the Tom and requested that he initial a timecard of Lola's.
The flagship Web-based electronic timecard product was developed in 1997.
GE Capital will continue to run B&Q and Comet's customer store card Timecard, but further financial products may also be introduced into the chains.
"Entering timecard information into HeavyJob Pocket is really fast and easy.
Several, including Country Casuals, Monsoon, Timecard (Comet, B&Q, Woolworths and Superdrug) and Creation (Adams, Dolcis, Miss Selfridge), charge as much as TEN per cent more than M&S.
The second is that the accuracy of the final cost objects is much less sensitive to the timecard data and much more sensitive to the activity drivers and the entire network structure of the cost assignment system.