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(tīmd′rĭ-lēs′) or time-re·lease (tīm′-)
Releasing ingredients gradually to produce a sustained effect: a timed-release allergy medication; timed-release fertilizers.
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M2 PHARMA-June 4, 2018-BDD Pharma Licenses Timed-release OralogiK Technology to Novartis
Patented protection and timed-release delivery, however, can boost that number to an impressive 60%.
NEW YORK -- Many consumers looking for the right vitamin supplement opt for timed-release capsules, which are formulated to dissolve slowly so they take longer to enter the bloodstream.
The capsule consists of a plant-derived cellulose barrier that offers a timed-release, allowing it to pass through the stomach acids unharmed.
With one exception, timed-release drug products available in the United States that contain the expectorant guaifenesin have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and should be taken off the market, according to an announcement by the agency.
The only timed-release products containing guaifenesin that have been formally approved by the FDA are those marketed over the counter as Mucinex or Humibid, by Adams Respiratory Therapeutics.
Timed-release products must be approved because the FDA needs to ensure that "the product releases its active ingredients safely and effectively, sustaining the intended effect over the entire time in which the product is intended to work," said the FDA statement.
I bought 250 mg, timed-release. The bottle said to take one tablet daily with a meal.
Prosecutors said Knox had illegally distributed millions of dollars' worth of OxyContin, a timed-release version of the narcotic painkiller oxycodone.
Developed by the Procter & Gamble Company and CDC, the intervention combines a chemical flocculant with a timed-release hypochlorite disinfectant.
If you find melatonin helps you get to sleep but you don't sleep through the night, try a timed-release product.
Acorda Therapeutics has developed a timed-release formulation called Fampridine SR that may be safer because it prevents "spiking" drug levels.