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1. One who records time, as:
a. Sports One who keeps track of elapsed time in a sporting event.
b. One who keeps records of the hours worked by employees.
2. A device for keeping time; a timepiece.

time′keep′ing adj.
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Noun1.timekeeping - the act or process of determining the timetimekeeping - the act or process of determining the time
activity - any specific behavior; "they avoided all recreational activity"
anachronism, misdating, mistiming - something located at a time when it could not have existed or occurred
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[ˈtaɪmˌkiːpɪŋ] N (gen) → cronometraje m; (in factory etc) → control m
her timekeeping has always been very goodsiempre ha sido muy puntual
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The results of this study indicate that the interplay between an individual's physical and psychological self and his or her sociocultural milieu (e.g., public school kindergarten) can expand or constrain the development of such temporal concepts as timekeeping.
"Clock Synchrony, Time Distribution and Electrical Timekeeping in Britain, 1880-1925" by Hannah Gay, in Past & Present (Nov.
And how do they intend to compensate us for the loss of earnings we incur as a result of their bad timekeeping?
It contains a comprehensive collection of essays devoted to astronomical timekeeping by the sun and stars and the determination of the times of Muslim prayer, as practiced in Islamic societies for over ten centuries.
Real-Time Clock (RTC) Operation--a timekeeping device that can be battery- or capacitor-backed for permanently powered operation.
When the New Jersey Devils racked up their third Stanley Cup in nine years at the Continental Airlines Arena, Local 164's skilled team of electricians were on the scene as usual, setting up all scoring and timekeeping equipment, testing sound and game lighting systems, performing aggressive preventive maintenance, and providing power and maintenance to all broadcast vehicles, luxury suits and building fixtures.
Time and attendance systems can streamline timekeeping by automating many of the manual calculations and interpretations.
"It's important to understand the impact it will have on workplace issues such as timekeeping, insurance, and workers compensation," she says.
The site's latest online course tutors attorneys who use WebView 3.0 First Edition, a timekeeping and prebilling program from Elite Information Systems, Inc.
Also, the m100 features a convenient clock positioned for at-a-glance timekeeping and AvantGo's WebChannel manager.
According to the court, the officials controlled and directed he terms and conditions of correctional employees' employment, including hiring, firing, disciplining, timekeeping, recordkeeping, job duties and their execution, pay, overtime and work hours.