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also time-serv·er  (tīm′sûr′vər)
One who conforms to the prevailing ways and opinions of one's time or condition for personal advantage; an opportunist.

time′serv′ing adj. & n.


a person who compromises and changes his or her opinions, way of life, etc, to suit the current fashions
ˈtimeˌserving adj, n


(ˈtaɪmˌsɜr vər)

a person whose conduct is shaped to conform to the opinions of the time or of persons in power, esp. for self-serving ends.
time′serv`ing, adj., n.
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Noun1.timeserver - one who conforms to current ways and opinions for personal advantage
opportunist, self-seeker - a person who places expediency above principle


[ˈtaɪmˌsɜːvəʳ] n (pej)
a. (changing opinions) → banderuola (fig)
b. (in job) chi fa il minimo indispensabile aspettando di andare in pensione
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To the participant shouting at a Nazi rally or the timeserver who has made his or her peace with the gray grief of communism, the attentiveness, honesty, and various splinters of renunciation that are bound to lodge in a lucid soul seem matters of an arcane and hopeless conscience.
Contract awarded for Supply of network timeserver and related articles
An interaction begins when client software sends a request to an ITS timeserver. The client uses the server's reply, along with the measured interval between request transmission and reply reception (round trip delay) to infer offset- and rate-corrections to the local clock.
(1) the goddarn farmer quel dannato vaccaro (2) generator-powered industrial ventilatori industriali fans alimentati da generatori (3) six fat home-rolled sei grasse sigarettone rollate a cigarettes mano (4) the same stethoscope- lo stesso lavativo armato di equipped timeserver stetoscopio Table 5.3 [Adv + Past participle].
Immediately after his visit to Viridor's chambers, Grey proceeds to the offices of the Timeserver, a transparent pseudonym for the Times, where he appears as the principal among the paper's three directors.
A brilliant schoolteacher from Middlesbrough should be paid much more than a timeserver in Guildford, an efficient civil servant in Longbenton is worth 100 fools in the Admiralty.
Another suggestion of circularity emerges in the characterization of Ross, who is shown as a political timeserver, efficiently placing himself at the disposal of whichever king is in power, waiting for his turn to become himself a wielder of less limited control.
Shuiskii's willingness to shift his position in line with the political climate and the interests of his own career has confirmed his reputation as a timeserver; he further holds the unenviable distinction of having been probably the least successful of all Russian rulers.
The low point was the "appalling portrait" of Dryden by the Victorian historian, Thomas Macaulay, who characterizes the poet as a "turn-coat and timeserver" and falsely claims that James II paid Dryden to convert, Winn writes.
There the director had the play's contemptible and comic timeserver and hanger-on set the audience on a roar by exaggerating some of Putin's mannerisms.
[sic] the true Protestant, who values and maintains Protestant rights on the one side, and on the other the real Roman Catholic and the venal timeserver forming a party ever ready to sacrifice our interests, and subject ourselves and our children to such tribute as the dictates of Roman Bishops may impose.
Do they want an energetic leader or are they looking for a timeserver?