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The period of time in which something, such as a process or an event, occurs.
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On proposed investments, Bulooshi said, 'For the first phase, which covers a timespan of over 20 years, the total investment would be around RO300mn on development of infrastructure alone.
Hate crimes related to race and ethnicity were the most common, rising by 48 percent in that timespan.
Amendment helpsThis group of people will get the chance, through the amendment, to suspend their activities based on their own request, but only three times at the most, with the maximum timespan being two years.
The plan is the third phase of a regional economic development plan led by the Tulsa Regional Chamber, There has been a tremendous amount of collaboration, and Tulsa has really transformed itself in the timespan of Tulsas Future, said Brien Thorstenberg, senior vice president of economic development for the chamber.
In a short timespan we have provided products, solutions and expertize that have made it possible for FCA to go from concept to demo of its vision of future urban car safety.
The projects, which was expected to complete within a 12-month timespan, would cost the FCT administration about N8.
A Town Hall spokesperson said: "It was a genuine error on behalf of the developer who submitted a type of application for which the timespan had run out.
According to the report, 91,764 service members were discharged for misconduct during the 2011-2015 timespan.
Post-conflict countries with high food insecurity are 40 percent more likely to relapse into conflict within a 10-year timespan.
Summary: Former Liverpool midfielder and legend Luis Garcia made his second trip to Lebanon in less than 10 days, saying that two trips to the same country in that timespan sent a clear message to the world.
The bank said that it is expecting an annual boost in profit of as much as INR30bn within the timespan.
Over that timespan SRMG's efforts have resulted in the successful recycling of 15 million tons of fly ash.