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Full of apprehensiveness; timid.

[Middle English, from Old French timoureus, from Medieval Latin timōrōsus, from Latin timor, timōr-, fear, from timēre, to fear.]

tim′or·ous·ly adv.
tim′or·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.timorously - in a timorous and trepid mannertimorously - in a timorous and trepid manner  
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Up went her hands, and she was turned to stone; her mouth dropped open, her eyes stared wide and timorously, she was the picture of astonished curiosity touched with fear.
"Love those that hate you...." Darya Alexandrovna whispered timorously.
"It seems we were mistaken," declared a third, looking at the kitten timorously, "no one with such murderous desires should belong to our party, I'm sure."
They held back timorously against those behind, who were pushing them forward.
"I s'pose there's a brook somewheres near it," he said timorously.
But, draining the last drops of their liquor, they stole timorously homeward, and answered not again if the rude mob reviled them in the street.
Nioche, timorously, and with a double foreignness of accent.
Fledgeby again made his small eyes smaller, as he glanced with great complacency at Twemlow, who was timorously tapping the table with a folded letter.
When, thoroughly exhausted by fatigue and hunger, we timorously hinted that we should be glad of our meal, the pompous, and (though true) most unsatisfactory answer was, "It will be ready when it is ready." If we had dared to remonstrate any further, we should have been told to proceed on our journey, as being too impertinent.
How else can we explain looking at its depths, disoriented and walking timorously on its surface, despite knowing we are staring at mirrors and standing on shallow and safe ground?
Nawaz timorously talked once or twice about the Kashmir issue apparently without any conviction.
that the tract's inflammatory content prompted Johnson timorously