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Jim can do that; and when he wants to send any little common ordinary mysterious message to let the world know where he's captivated, he can write it on the bottom of a tin plate with a fork and throw it out of the window.
Why, half the time you can't read anything a prisoner writes on a tin plate, or anywhere else."
"Jim ain't got no tin plates. They feed him in a pan."
I wondered awhile, but soon I began to long for a tin plate, and some bacon and beans.
On one of the door-posts at this inn, was a tin plate, whereon was inscribed in characters of gold, 'Doctor Crocus;' and on a sheet of paper, pasted up by the side of this plate, was a written announcement that Dr.
They had brought him his supper, which was "duffers and dope"--being hunks of dry bread on a tin plate, and coffee, called "dope" because it was drugged to keep the prisoners quiet.
She fried potato dollars and onions in the same pan, but separately, and set them on top of the coffee pot in the tin plate she was to eat from, covering it with Billy's inverted plate.
Sometimes a portion of our family would eat out of the skillet or pot, while some one else would eat from a tin plate held on the knees, and often using nothing but the hands with which to hold the food.
Karachi -- Siddiqsons Tin Plate Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange about transaction of shares of the company.
Allow me to add that at the time of registration of a vehicle with the excise and taxation department, a temporary tin plate with the number painted on it is issued.
Pakistan International Airlines (PIAA) remained the runner up with 7,232,500 shares traded during the day and its price also increased by Rs 0.12 per share to close at Rs 7.34 followed by Siddiqsons Tin Plate Limited (STPL) whose trading volume was recorded at 6,810,500 shares, and its price per share increased by Rs 1.09 and closed at Rs 22.24.
Bulk Terminal Ltd: 19.6m shares traded [+8.11pc]; Pak International Airline Corp Ltd: 19.0m shares traded [+1.14pc]; Siddiqsons Tin Plate Ltd: 18.6m shares traded [-2.44pc], and Bank Of Punjab: 15.3m shares traded [-0.83pc].