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Crude borax.

[Ultimately (probably via Portuguese tincal, atincal) from Arabic tinkār, tinkāl, from Persian tangār; akin to Sanskrit ṭaṅkaṇaḥ.]


(Minerals) another name for borax1
[C17: from Malay tingkal, from Sanskrit tankana]
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Los salares con boratos en los Andes Centrales alcanzan a un medio centenar de depositos con mineralizacion de ulexita y excepcionalmente tincal. Peru cuenta con un unico yacimiento (Laguna Salinas, Arequipa), donde ademas de ulexita ocurre inyoita.
The commercial boron reserves in Turkey are uleksite, colemanite and tincal. These ores are enriched by being subjected to a concentration treatment after being extracted as raw.
It was reported that the annual production is 320,000 tons of borate pentahydrate and 60,000 tons of dominant boron pentahydrate salt ([Na.sub.2][B.sub.4][O.sub.7] x 5[H.sub.2]O; tincal).