tine test

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Noun1.tine test - a tuberculin test in which a disk with several tines bearing tuberculin antigen is used to puncture the skin; development of a hard red area indicates past or present exposure to tubercle bacilli and the need for further testing
tuberculin skin test, tuberculin test - a skin test to determine past or present infection with the tuberculosis bacterium; based on hypersensitivity of the skin to tuberculin
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In the bivariable analyses, few predictor variables were significantly associated with obtaining care in response to a positive TB tine test. All of the variables that were significant came from the predisposing vulnerable domain.
In terms of multivariable analyses for Hypotheses 2-4, Table 2 presents the multiple logistic regression results for receipt of service in response to functional vision impairment, a skin/leg/foot problem, and a positive TB tine test. The results for functional vision impairment suggest the importance of the following variables for predicting vision-related service use: older age (predisposing), not currently receiving public benefits (enabling), not having a functional limitation, worrying more about their vision, and having worse far vision at baseline (need).
A study of more than 1 500 children <5 years old who underwent tuberculin skin testing with both Mantoux and Tine tests showed that a significantly higher proportion tested positive on Tine testing (32.8% v.