tinea barbae

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tinea bar·bae

[New Latin : Medieval Latin tinea, tinea + Latin barbae, genitive of barba, beard.]
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Noun1.tinea barbae - fungal infection of the face and neck
ringworm, roundworm, tinea - infections of the skin or nails caused by fungi and appearing as itching circular patches
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Los cuadros clinicos que producen se corresponden con el area anatomica afectada: Tinea capitis (cabeza), Tinea barbae (barba), Tinea corporis (cuerpo), Tinea cruris (ingle), Tinea manuum (manos), Tinea pedis (pies) y Tinea unguium (unas).
canis infection have been described such as severe and inflammatory tinea barbae and very atypical tinea faciei, (14) and M.
Tinea barbae (tinea sycosis): experience with nine cases.