tinea corporis

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tinea cor·po·ris

A fungal infection involving areas of the skin not covered by hair, characterized by a pink to red rash and often considerable itching, and usually caused by species of Trichophyton or Microsporum; ringworm of the body.

[New Latin : Medieval Latin tinea, tinea + Latin corporis, genitive of corpus, body.]
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Noun1.tinea corporis - fungal infection of nonhairy parts of the skin
ringworm, roundworm, tinea - infections of the skin or nails caused by fungi and appearing as itching circular patches
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Luliconazole (Luzu), an azole anti-fungal, is a cream used for the treatment of tinea pedis, tinea cruris, and tinea corporis.
luliconazole) Cream, 1% is the first topical azole antifungal agent approved to treat tinea cruris and tinea corporis with a one-week, once-daily treatment regimen.
Alston SJ, Cohen BA, Braun M: Persistent and recurrent tinea corporis in children treated with combination antifungal/corticosteroid agents.
The Company has entered into an exclusive option agreement with MedPharm Ltd (Guildford, UK) to licence its proprietary Terbinafine 'once only' spray, for the treatment of Tinea pedis (athlete's foot) and possibly Tinea corporis (Ringworm).
In a randomized double-blind trial comparing newer and older therapies, 80 patients with tinea cruris or tinea corporis were placed on once-daily 1% butenafine for 2 weeks or 1% clotrimazole b.
In a recent open pilot study olive oil mixed with honey and beeswax showed to be effective, after topical application, in the treatment of skin fungal infections; clinical response was obtained in 86% of patients with Pityriasis versicolor, 78% of patients with Tinea cruris and in 75% of patients with Tinea corporis (Al-Waili, 2004).
Differential diagnosis of granuloma annulare (30) Type Differential diagnosis Localized/ Amyloid generalized Idiopathic: Annular lichen planus, erythema annulare centrifugum, erythema multiforme, sarcoid Infections: Cat-scratch disease, creeping eruption, erythema migrans of Lyme disease, syphilis, tinea corporis, mycobacterium (31) Insect bites Mycosis fungoides (32, 33) Subacute lupus erythematosus Xanthomas Subcutaneous Erythema elevatum diutinum, rheumatoid nodules, syphilis (34) Perforating Kyrle's disease Table 4.
The resulting scaly bits - tinea corporis - are itchy, irritated and often red or brownish.