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n. Slang
A petty braggart who pretends to be rich and important.

[From the horn-shaped metal can used by chuck-a-luck operators for shaking the dice.]

tin′horn′ adj.


a cheap pretentious person, esp a gambler with extravagant claims
cheap and showy


Slang. n.
1. someone, esp. a gambler, who pretends to be important.
2. insignificant; small-time: a tinhorn dictator.
[1880–85, Amer.]
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Our guides were from the Kadar Hungary cooperage, and my comrades were Cameron Frey from Ramey Wine Cellars in Sonoma County, Aron Weinkauf of Spottswoode in Napa Valley, Andrew Windsor of Tinhorn Creek in British Columbia and Anthony Yount of Denner Vineyards in Paso Robles.
Calling them "tin" is as much a slur as a description, suggesting a cheap imitation (see: tinhorn, tin-pot, Tin Lizzie).
B) (APL) has agreed to acquire 100% of British Columbia, Canada-based wine producers Black Hills Estate Winery and Gray Monk Estate Winery and has signed an LOI to acquire 100% of Canada-based winery Tinhorn Creek Vineyards, for a total purchase price of CDN 95m (USD 77.
Target: Black Hills Estate Winery, Gray Monk Estate Winery and Tinhorn Creek Vineyards
his reputation nevertheless leads to his being badgered, hounded and threatened by the local Marshall (Harry Morgan), an old nemesis Sweeney (Richard Boone), a tinhorn gambler named Pulford (Hugh O'Brian), the town's newspaperman Dobkins (Rick Lenz), an old girlfriend (Sheree North) and Cobb (Bill McKinney), the local self proclaimed "gunfighter," all of whom are looking for revenge or to cash in on his fame.
But the only audience for Erie's pipe dream about his comeback as a Broadway tinhorn is Charlie Hughes (Frank Wood), the dour night clerk at a fleabag hotel in Times Square.
Sunset is the only man able to take on tinhorn, Slim Trotwood, a cruel, land grabber who by fraud or by force has accumulated vast areas of valuable land.
In Broken Bridle, Wyoming, Jeremiah Purdy, the town's tinhorn sheriff is a college kid who wants to become governor some day.
The scene of a tinhorn gambler popping one of these slick little argument-settlers out of his sleeve during a contentious poker game is a staple of the horse opera.
We want and deserve tincan architecture in a tinhorn culture.
If the United States, France and Britain cannot topple a tinhorn despot like Gaddafi who is loathed by most of his own people, the damage to Western credibility will be severe and long-lasting.
It's ironic that the CIA trained these fierce mujahedin warriors (including Osama bin Laden, who according to the latest reports is hiding in Iran as a guest of the tinhorn dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad).