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adj. ti·ni·er, ti·ni·est
Extremely small: The glass shattered into tiny shards that were hard to clean up. See Synonyms at small.

[Alteration of Middle English tine.]

ti′ni·ness n.
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Noun1.tininess - the property of being very small in sizetininess - the property of being very small in size; "hence the minuteness of detail in the painting"
littleness, smallness - the property of having a relatively small size
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Despite its tininess, it looked broad and comfortable.
But there is crime its tininess notwithstanding and along with crime a blossoming crime novel industry," Locsin wrote.
But these people would also know that when I do have these shirts on, I balance their tininess out with high-waisted pants, a jacket, or a long skirt.
tininess, inconsistency, and fluidity, can, nevertheless, become matters
Others say no way considering the tininess of the Canadian Firm.
For, exactly where can you draw an incontrovertible line to separate Europe from Asia?In short, Europe's geographical tininess is why, among other things, three of its world languages English, Greek and Latin have always been closely related.
However, as tablets go, the Surface Go speakers are loud without the tininess that usually accompanies sound from mobile devices.
In this bigger-is-better context, a movie about a hero who finds his strength in tininess is, well, no small thing," the Times writes.