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1. A traveling mender of metal household utensils.
2. Chiefly British A member of any of various traditionally itinerant groups of people living especially in Scotland and Ireland; a traveler.
3. One who enjoys experimenting with and repairing machine parts.
4. A clumsy repairer or worker; a meddler.
v. tin·kered, tin·ker·ing, tin·kers
1. To work as a tinker.
2. To make unskilled or experimental efforts at repair; fiddle: tinkered with the engine, hoping to discover the trouble; tinkering with the economy by trying various fiscal policies.
1. To mend as a tinker.
2. To manipulate unskillfully or experimentally.

[Middle English tinkere.]

tin′ker·er n.
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Noun1.tinkerer - an unskilled person who tries to fix or mend
unskilled person - a person who lacks technical training
2.tinkerer - a person who enjoys fixing and experimenting with machines and their partstinkerer - a person who enjoys fixing and experimenting with machines and their parts
experimenter - a person who enjoys testing innovative ideas; "she was an experimenter in new forms of poetry"
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He then proceeds to ignore the book of Genesis, and completely misinterprets it in his acknowledgment of "intelligent design." First, he says that God is depicted as a "tinkerer." Not so, and that word was never used in Genesis.
PlutoX comes in the form of two kits, a Tinkerer kit, and a Starter kit.
A self-described tinkerer, his early love for building and engineering led him to his current role as an estimator and project manager at Moore Construction Services.
His name is Jay-Ar Apilan, a tinkerer at heart who turned his passion for Game Boys into a humble yet true-blue professional service.
The pastor knew that I was an avid antique tool collector and a tinkerer. In keeping with the site's original history, he wanted fixtures made from some of the barn's original operating equipment, and directed me to a rusting pile of junk in the milk house.
Synopsis: Isabel is the daughter of a widowed inventor and tinkerer, but leaves home to join the indentured staff of a manor.
This wearable belt buckle multi-tool is the perfect gadget for the tinkerer, the tech, the handyman, or anyone who appreciates convenience in a practical form.
Spidey will be facing multiple villains in "Homecoming." (http://www.ibtimes.com/who-vulture-spider-man-homecoming-everything-you-need-know-about-peter-parkers-enemy-2394401) Vulture (Michael Keaton) and Tinkerer (Michael Chernus) are both confirmed to appear.
To encourage tinkering, it might be a good idea to give out a "Tinkerer of the Month Award" and share tinkering success stories.
I applaud the tinkerer's ability to convert the piece from semiauto to pump action; it would be interesting to investigate the mechanism.
At first she thinks she has made a mistake, but what she finds is life-changing--not only the best pizza she has ever tasted, but the Chatham family: Layla, who seems to always choose the wrong guy and who has a system for rating French fries; Mac, a gifted tinkerer who wants to go to college but is expected to take over the family pizza business; Rosie, a former Olympic-bound skater who had drug problems following an injury; their mom, who, even with MS, rules the family; and their dad who runs the pizza business and loves bluegrass music.
Despite the sometimes-uneven prose and convoluted explanations (plus relentless self-promotion), Payne infuses the book with fresh insights and worthwhile lessons, whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, a newbie or an ambitious backyard tinkerer eager to channel your imagination into the next great product or business.