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objects made of tin plate



articles made of tin plate.
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Noun1.tinware - articles of commerce made of tin plate
article of commerce - an article that is offered for sale
tin plate, tinplate - a thin sheet of metal (iron or steel) coated with tin to prevent rusting; used especially for cans, pots, and tins
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When the corners of her mouth went down suddenly like a barometer it usually foretold a fall of crockery and tinware.
The houses had little gardens around them, but they didn't seem to raise hardly anything in them but jimpson-weeds, and sunflowers, and ash piles, and old curled-up boots and shoes, and pieces of bottles, and rags, and played-out tinware.
Now a bag of remarkable clothespins, next, a wonderful nutmeg grater which fell to pieces at the first trial, a knife cleaner that spoiled all the knives, or a sweeper that picked the nap neatly off the carpet and left the dirt, labor-saving soap that took the skin off one's hands, infallible cements which stuck firmly to nothing but the fingers of the deluded buyer, and every kind of tinware, from a toy savings bank for odd pennies, to a wonderful boiler which would wash articles in its own steam with every prospect of exploding in the process.
And now Yvonne Jones, author of Japanned Papier Mache and Tinware c1740-c1940, is battling to ensure the West Midlands' key role in the craze, which was all the rage in the 1800s, is not forgotten.
And now Yvonne Jones, former museum worker and author of "Japanned Papier Mache and Tinware c.
This object I am holding is, in fact, an extremely rare strainer and a piece of English delft tinware glazed pottery, made in Bristol in about 1730.
The breastplate is of tinware, the helmet and visor made out of a meat grinder.
Touches like environmentally friendly cloth napkins and matching tinware can make your picnic table Michelin-star-worthy.
Woolworths has commissioned Tin-Pac tinware to drive sales of items like luxury shortbread around occasions such as the festive season.
a hardware store that sold stoves, tinware and all kinds of home furnishings and provided services such as roofing and sheet iron work.
Trays, bottle stands, frames, wine wagons, cruet and liquor stands, buttons, beads, rosaries, snuff and tobacco boxes, plate warmers, vegetable warmers, coal scuttles, canisters, bellows, book or blotter covers, hats, wig boxes, decorative panels for ships and carriages: the product lists of firms making japanned tinware or papier mache could run to several pages, and japanners from the Midlands rarely fought shy of manufacturing seemingly impossible items.
Pero mas que como sustantivo independiente, ware se utiliza como sufijo en la formacion de multiples palabras (por ejemplo en tinware para referirse a cualquier utensilio hecho de hojalata o earthenware para todos los cacharros de cocina hechos de barro cocido o stoneware para los de ceramica).