tip back


w>tip back

vi (chair, person, mirror)nach hinten (weg)kippen
vt sepnach hinten kippen; headnach hinten neigen; personnach hinten legen
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When Taylor Jakubowski sees an opening on the volleyball court, the Huntley setter isnt afraid to send a quick tip back at the defense for a winner.
Tip back into the container and refreeze for 1 hr or until it can be scooped out.
Drain pasta and let it cool for a minute, then tip back into pan, add beaten egg mixture and mix everything together so the pasta is evenly coated.
He was given a 15-minute time-out and official Paul Collier glued the tip back on in the dressing room.
Chinese shares tip back into negative territory with 5.
Do use this tip back in your office: Pull out all of your marketing messages for your company, or your properties, over the last year.
IT was a bright day for London's FTSE 100 Index yesterday, mirroring the weather, with the market trading strongly to tip back above the 7000 mark, closing up 78 points at 7015.
Then turn the tip back around and continue painting.
Stange explains that with the 4X hooks you can no longer "twang-loose" a lure hooked in timber at a distance from the boat, by loading your rod and line tight to the snag and then twanging the line between the reel and the first guide with your trigger finger, as you simultaneously snap the rod tip back at the lure.
When cooked, drain the potatoes and tip back into the saucepan.
The best of the best are the fly fishermen, because they already know how to load the rod and how to get the power of the rod from the tip back to the butt.
Ruben, the somewhat reluctant protagonist of Dark Horse Comics' "Buzzkill,'' needs only to tip back bottles of beer or take lots of pills.