tip back

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w>tip back

vi (chair, person, mirror)nach hinten (weg)kippen
vt sepnach hinten kippen; headnach hinten neigen; personnach hinten legen
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But a well-timed 16-7 finishing kick brought TIP back up 14, 110-96, wth 1:34 left, to lock up the conquest.
Grab a bag of the new Bold Doritos Spicy Wings Flavour, enjoy it, tip back the bag to finish off the delicious crumbs and show off those fingers covered in Doritos Dust before licking the Dust off them.
Back row Daphne Fromes, on as sub , claimed the last of the tries with the last play of the game when once again Boro showed great patience in attack going from left to right before a deft tip back inside saw her cutting a great line into the corner and scoring, again converted by Relf.
There are only a very, very minute few that tip back. I've been a taxi driver for a long time and rarely do these lot tip a penny.
Whether it's strained or unstrained, weigh the fruit pulp and then add 400g of sugar to every 500g of pulp, then tip back in the saucepan.
When Taylor Jakubowski sees an opening on the volleyball court, the Huntley setter isnt afraid to send a quick tip back at the defense for a winner.
Tip back into the container and refreeze for 1 hr or until it can be scooped out.
Drain pasta and let it cool for a minute, then tip back into pan, add beaten egg mixture and mix everything together so the pasta is evenly coated.
Chinese shares tip back into negative territory with 5.2% drop
Do use this tip back in your office: Pull out all of your marketing messages for your company, or your properties, over the last year.