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Noun1.tip sheet - a publication containing the latest information or tips or predictions for a particular business or stock market information or horse racing results, etc.
publication - a copy of a printed work offered for distribution
dope sheet, scratch sheet - a racing publication giving information on horses and the outcomes of horse races
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Includes a "Tip Sheet" packed with fun activities that "touch" on matching, vocabulary, communication, and tactile discrimination skills.
Even first-time advocates, or people who might be nervous speaking publicly, can use PHACT tools, such as scripts for phone conversations or town hall questions and a tip sheet for arranging meetings, to make advocacy an easy lift.
The Tip Sheet that explains this is not front and center on the Ozobot.com website.
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recently released a Pet Fire Safety tip sheet with advice on how to prevent pet-related fires.
Key highlights of the EGBC tip sheet include recommendations to aspire for a paperless work ethic, avoid plastic bottles and paper cups, switch off lights when not in use, etc.
In New York, the Art Deco office tower at One Wall Street sold in May for $585 million, only three months after the going wisdom in the real estate industry was that it would sell for more like $466 million, the estimate in one industry tip sheet.
"I have been trying to look for his tip sheet but haven't found it," added Hanbury.
An editorial group focused on data, a new Washington "early morning tip sheet" and three-times-daily minute-long video report are being launched by the New York Times, the paper said last week.
It has launched a new interactive game called I DO Adventures that leads to a colorful insurance tip sheet studded with fun facts from sources like The Wedding Channel and The Knot for the newlywed couple looking to make smart insurance choices in four major lines: Auto, health, life and home.
One of the most valuable survival tools comes in the form of a tip sheet, informational packet, or pocket guide for float nurses (see Table 1).
A Facebook and NAGG "Safety and Privacy on Facebook" page on the social network will feature information on privacy settings, best practices and a tip sheet on how to set up privacy controls.