tip up

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w>tip up

vt sep (= tilt)kippen; (= overturn)umkippen
vi (= tilt)kippen; (= overturn)umkippen; (folding seat)hochklappen
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The memorandum itself includes verification from independent engineering experts commissioned by CU that the 1995-'96 Trooper and the SLX have a dangerous propensity to tip up or roll over during emergency-avoidance maneuvers encountered by drivers in real-world situations.
In April 2000, a federal court jury in Los Angeles ruled in favor of CU in a similar suit filed by the Isuzu Motors Limited over a report that the 1995-96 Trooper was prone to tip up severely in CU's test.
During those tests the only vehicle to tip up was the 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Limited.