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Adv.1.tip-top - to the highest extent; "the shoes fit me tip-top"
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(tip) noun
the small or thin end, point or top of something. the tips of my fingers.
verbpast tense, past participle tipped
to put, or form, a tip on. The spear was tipped with an iron point.
tipped adjective
having a tip of a particular kind. filter-tipped cigarettes; a white-tipped tail.
ˌtip-ˈtop adjective
excellent. The horse is in tip-top condition.
be on the tip of one's tongue
to be almost, but usually not, spoken or said. Her name is on the tip of my tongue (= I can't quite remember it); It was on the tip of my tongue to tell him (= I almost told him).
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References in classic literature ?
I like 'em tip-top. This one is a regular screamer," cried Will.
Tom and his father had alighted at the Peacock at about seven in the evening; and having heard with unfeigned joy the paternal order, at the bar, of steaks and oyster-sauce for supper in half an hour, and seen his father seated cozily by the bright fire in the coffee-room with the paper in his hand, Tom had run out to see about him, had wondered at all the vehicles passing and repassing, and had fraternized with the boots and hostler, from whom he ascertained that the Tally-ho was a tip-top goer--ten miles an hour including stoppages--and so punctual that all the road set their clocks by her.
I remember going to the old place in Whitehall, years ago, and being shown round by one of the tip-top 'tecs.
From the tip-top heart of the tree she concocted a delicious salad.
"You may be a number one, tip-top minin' expert, all right all right," the dog-musher delivered himself oracularly, "but you missed the chance of your life when you was a boy an' didn't run off an' join a circus."
Tom was set to cracking nuts, and Maud to picking out the meats, for the candy was to be "tip-top." Fan waited on Polly cook, who hovered over the kettle of boiling molasses till her face was the color of a peony.
He wasn't drawing a tip-top salary (this staring at Fyne) in a luxuriously furnished office.
On the very tip-top of the chair, over the head of Grandfather himself, was a likeness of a lion's head, which had such a savage grin that you would almost expect to hear it growl and snarl.
B., aged twenty-four next birthday, and committed for eighteen months' solitary, had himself said (not that he had ever shown himself particularly worthy of belief) his ruin began, as he was perfectly sure and confident that otherwise he would have been a tip-top moral specimen.