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Verb1.tippytoe - walk on one's toes
walk - use one's feet to advance; advance by steps; "Walk, don't run!"; "We walked instead of driving"; "She walks with a slight limp"; "The patient cannot walk yet"; "Walk over to the cabinet"
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(3) Barrie's notes on the play include reference to a fairy named "Tippytoe" as well as dialogue for this character, which later became Tinker Bell (Pomerance 11).
I was on tippytoe, reaching for the paper plates and full of so many questions I didn't know where to start.
First-time ballet-goers note that girls go up on tippytoe and twirl: indeed standing on your toes and spinning is the way most non-ballet-goers parody the stylization of ballet movement.
Do stair raises by standing tippytoe on the edge of a stair step, then lowering and raising your heels until your calves start to burn.
His "good night" snack, the traditional bowl of bread and warm milk, he disposed of before I could say, "Sleep well," close the kitchen door, and tippytoe up the stairs.
Bebo Don Washington Huddie Kevin Willmott Carrie Mae Nadine Griffith Love Byron Myrick Tippytoe Isaac Hayes Mama Butler Queen Bey Pop-Bottle Ruby Kaycee Moore Father Frank Martin Sheen A labor of love shot and completed over seven years' lime, "Ninth Street" is an earnest effort that's compromised by inexperienced direction and nonexistent production values.
Later, Katja Wirth hauls and mauls Jackson by those handles in "I Hate a Man Like You." Feld-trained protege Jassen Virolas scurries around madly on tippytoe as a cartoonish "Sheik of Araby." And in a surrealist treatment of "Sweet Sue (Just You)" Philip Gardner, featureless in a blank mask, moons over a disembodied torso floating around him on a wire armature, just out of reach.
You know how nurses in the movies and on the tube are always showing up in the patient's room to coax him to have a slug of orange juice, fluff his pillows, rub his back, pull up the covers, and coo, "Now you try to get some sleep," and then tippytoe out of the room?
But he manages to carry off most of the trademarks - the voice, the tippytoe bowling run and, of course, that Yabbadabbadoo stuff.
Of course, the woman once famously nicknamed Princess Tippytoes by her former GMTV co-host Eamonn Holmes is hardly living frugally, and is dating a multi-millionaire former banker.
Of course, the woman once nicknamed Princess Tippytoes by her former GMTV co-host Eamonn Holmes is hardly living frugally, and is dating a multi-millionaire ex-banker.
The five businesses now trading from the Enterprise Arcade are Wags and Whiskers, Poppy Rose, Tippytoes, Old Autumn House and Mini Munchkins.