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adj. tip·si·er, tip·si·est
1. Slightly intoxicated.
2. Unsteady or crooked.

[From tip.]

tip′si·ly adv.
tip′si·ness n.
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Noun1.tipsiness - a temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol
temporary state - a state that continues for a limited time
grogginess - a dazed and staggering state caused by alcohol
sottishness - stupefaction from drink
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The condition of being intoxicated with alcoholic liquor:
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سُكْر قَليل


nBeschwipstheit f
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(ˈtipsi) adjective
slightly drunk.
ˈtipsily adverb
ˈtipsiness noun
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A refresher for himself and Sir Ian and a proper introduction for Damien Maloney and Owen Teale (joining as Foster and Briggs), were unlikely to be dull, especially as a good deal of drinking and evident tipsiness are required of the cast.
tipsiness, and its sheer daring-do of assimilation.
As noted, there was some evidence of determined drunkenness in these groups of young adults studied here, but what was also apparent among the majority was a desire for the perfect state of tipsiness, one that fell short of acute drunkenness.
Drinking more after a long night could help bring down the level of tipsiness as well as reduce the amount of pain in comparison to the usual bacon sandwich, rehydration methods and painkillers.
There's no pretension here, and the stripped-down rock sound propelling it all makes even an excessive sort of musical tipsiness forgivable.
"Which end do I start from?" he ponders in childlike tipsiness. The staff rally to help him.
Talacay learned that Aglean was driving the motorcycle and lost control because of his alleged tipsiness, crashing into the rear of a Viofel bus (NYG-463).
The results revealed that energy drinks may cancel out some of alcohol's sedating effects, leaving drinkers more awake and less likely to suffer signs of tipsiness such as slurred speech or clumsiness.
On discovering his tipsiness, the landlord became most irate and told him in no uncertain terms to go home and sober up.
BUI: I read all the dialogues quite carefully and I wasn't able to detect any tipsiness.
It would be better if Irish deputies focused less on his alleged tipsiness, and more on his isguided strategy for dealing with the banking sector.