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All of which was splendid training for Michael, keeping him in the tiptop of physical condition and mental wholesomeness.
'You were in the tiptop fashion, and all the rest of it,' said Mr.
Mary Jane she set at the head of the table, with Susan alongside of her, and said how bad the biscuits was, and how mean the preserves was, and how ornery and tough the fried chickens was -- and all that kind of rot, the way women always do for to force out compliments; and the people all knowed everything was tiptop, and said so -- said "How DO you get biscuits to brown so nice?" and "Where, for the land's sake, DID you get these amaz'n pickles?" and all that kind of humbug talky-talk, just the way people always does at a supper, you know.
However, he is a tiptop man and may be a bishop--that kind of thing, you know, if Peel stays in.
Even the box-passenger caught the infection, and growing wonderfully deferential, immediately inquired whether there was not very good society in that neighbourhood, to which the lady replied yes, there was: in a manner which sufficiently implied that she moved at the very tiptop and summit of it all.
I'm thirty pounds heavier an' feel tiptop all the time.
Don't be hoodwinked by false claims of miracle cures - let us sort out the wheat from the chaff so you can stay in tiptop health.
To keep her voice in tiptop shape, Gia said she did daily vocal exercises and took honey ginger tea and honey to soothe her throat, too.
Hills: 5-2 Farloe Reason 5 Calzaghe Ted 8 Barnfield Mike, Droopys Obafemi, Droopys Taffy, Droopys Totti 10 West-mead Keawn, Westmead Kewell 12 Westmead Tina 14 Barnfield Teddy, Vatican Henrik 25 Farloe Dash, Farloe Nemo, Swift Sapphire 33 Fear Mam-bo, Ronnies Hustle 40 Noirs Oscar 50 Fulblast Owen, Tiptop Tootsie 66 Hallucinate Wild 100 Bower Honcho, Cathals Blitz, Elwick Starview, Forever Green, Mai Tai Manners, Oxies Black, Stone Mole Kylie, Tiggur Too, Tyrur Flah 200 More Than Handy
"I'm going to take two weeks off then I've got myself a fitness coach to keep me in tiptop shape over the summer working on weights and everything.
But he said: "I'm feeling absolutely fine - tiptop. I can't wait to be a dad."
The fighting senator hopes Horn will be in tiptop shape come fight night for the two to give boxing fans a good show.