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The Mle 1907-15 was a full-length infantry rifle and had evolved during the war from the Fusil de Tirailleur Senegalais "Colonial" Modele 1907.
The Muslim soldiers of Sir John Bagot Glubb's Arab Legion and France's Tirailleur, Goumier and Spahi regiments fought loyally against the Axis in the Middle East, North Africa, Italy and Western Europe.
of your; brother]}}}] ((le fusil du tirailleur senegalais n'est pas un penis))}}}) pounding; {with distinction at Ypres and Dixmude}}} ([[(mais veritablement un fusil Lebel 1916){} {[{noted for high morale}]} millet; in.
Mabel was eventually rescued by a French destroyer, the Tirailleur, before being transferred to a hospital ship to return to Egypt.
16N194, "Note on the re-organization of native Tirailleur regiments," 24 March 1915.
The Berthier setup was just too good to be restricted to carbines, and soon after its introduction, a rifle version, the fusile de tirailleur Indochinois Modele 1902, for use by troops in Indochina, made its appearance.
Le nomade, le mineur, le prestataire, le paysan et l'artisan, le boursier et le tirailleur / Et tous le travailleurs blancs dans la lutte fraternelle .
The veterans' monument was returned to the Dakar city centre and has since become the focal point of a vast commemoration project in which the Place de la Gare has been renamed the Place du Tirailleur and designated a memorial to African soldiers who perished in both world wars.
CONNECTIONS of Tirailleur believe they have just one horse to beat in the Racing Post 'Hands And Heels' Jumps Series Handicap Hurdle at Plumpton today, writes David Lawrence.
BETTING: 9-4 Dispol Foxtrot, 9-2 Tirailleur, 5 Sonderborg, 11-2 Wings Of Morning, 8 Sea Frolic, 10 Shielaligh, 12 Inchdura, 16 Others
45 Lingfield: Tirailleur has some fair efforts to her name on this track, but Baltic Breeze was placed on turf and has not been seen since September.
Fougueux, tres malin et toujours bien place, Hahad etait devenu le [beaucoup moins que] tirailleur [beaucoup plus grand que] du Mouloudia contre le Gallia, l'ASSE, LO Hussein Dey, le FC Blida.