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also ti·ro (tī′rō)
n. pl. ty·ros also ti·ros
A beginner in learning something.

[Medieval Latin tȳrō, squire, variant of Latin tīrō, recruit.]
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(Astronautics) one of a series of US weather satellites carrying infrared and television camera equipment for transmitting meteorological data to the earth
[C20: from T(elevision and) I(nfra-)R(ed) O(bservation) S(atellite)]
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Todos los tiros, de cada uno de los jugadores, se filmaron con tres camaras: frontal, lateral y cenital.
"We are very pleased to learn that NOAA-19 has passed this important milestone," said Jeff Vanden Beukel, Lockheed Martin TIROS program director.
A daughter of Desert King, Tiros made a successful debut at Leopardstown last month when outpointing subsequent winner Brand New Beat.
The satellite's cameras only operated while they were pointing at earth and Tiros 1 transmitted 22,500 photos of weather conditions back home.
O teste elaborado consiste em 3 tiros de 100 metros nado livre, saindo de cima do bloco de largada baseado no teste de Horswill e colaboradores (1988) que explica que apos cargas de altas intensidades intervaladas, realizadas por atletas suplementados com bicarbonato de sodio mostram uma menor fadiga se comparados a testes da mesma metragem e intensidade nao suplementado.