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ti 1

n. Music
The seventh tone in the diatonic scale in solfeggio.

[Alteration of si.]

ti 2

n. pl. tis
A tropical ornamental shrub (Cordyline fruticosa) native to Southeast Asia and Polynesia, having a terminal tuft of long narrow leaves and panicles of white, yellowish, or reddish flowers.

[Tahitian and Maori .]

Ti 1

The symbol for titanium.

Ti 2

abbr. Bible
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a contraction of it is.
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References in classic literature ?
"His name," says the palmist, thoughtful looking, "is not spelled out by the lines, but they indicate 'tis a long one, and the letter 'o' should be in it.
"'Tis Katie Mahorner she has references with," whispers Tobin to me in a loud voice to one side.
"'Tis true," answered D'Artagnan; who said afterwards to himself, "I'faith, I greatly deceive myself, or I have been the means of a good windfall to that rascal Moliere, and we shall assuredly see the scene hit off to the life in some comedy or other." Porthos smiled.
"'Tis this: instead of pulling me to pieces, as all these rascals do - of making me bend my back, and double my joints - all of them low and dishonorable practices - " D'Artagnan made a sign of approbation with his head.
'When she gets better, Stephen, 'tis to be hoped she'll leave thee to thyself again, and do thee no more hurt.
'Tis thou who art in need of rest - so white and tired.
"'Can't I help, Sorr?' sez I; ''tis a strong man's job they've given you, an' you'll be wantin' help by sundown.' He was a bhoy wid bowils, that child, an' a rale gintleman.
Savin' your presince, Sorr,' I sez, ''tis only Lift'nint Hackerston in the Ould Rig'mint can manage a Home draf'.'
(aside.) 'Tis time.(Jacinta seats herself in a side-long manner upon the chair, resting her elbows upon the back, and regarding her mistress with a contemptuous look.
-- 'tis but a viper Whom thou hast cherished to sting thee to the soul!(taking up the mirror) Ha!
'Tis very ill done, I am conscious, to expose messieurs the sergeants of the watch to the liability of cudgelling beneath this cassock the humerus of a Pythagorean philosopher.
'Tis night: now doth my longing break forth in me as a fountain,--for speech do I long.