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A salt, ester, or anion of titanic acid.
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(Elements & Compounds) any salt or ester of titanic acid
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(ˈtaɪt nˌeɪt)

a salt of titanic acid.
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Table 3: Set-to-touch dry times of alkyds blended with metal driers RD% Alkyd 1/ Alkyd 2/ Alkyd 1/ TBA (b) Alkyd 2/ TBA Titanate (a) Titanate (a) (min) (b) (min) (min) (min) 10 97 207 410 306 20 48 63 390 201 30 9 15 360 139 50 8 9 - - (a) Alkyds diluted with tetra(2,7-octadienyl) titanate (b) Alkyds diluted with tertbutyl acetate Drying properties of tetra(2, 7-octadienyl) titanate--alkyds (Alkyd 1, Alkyd 2, and Alkyd 3) were also studied in formulations containing no metal driers (Table 4).
The use of nanometer-sized titanate particles can help to address these requirements and moreover could allow formation of films with high transparency.
For the study, Cornell materials scientist Darrell Schlom took strontium titanate, and deposited it on silicon in such a way that the silicon squeezes it into a special state called ferroelectric.
Piezoelectricity is a property of certain classes of crystalline materials including natural.crystals of Quartz, Rochelle Salt, and Tourmaline as well as manufactured ceramics such as Barium Titanate and Lead Zirconate Titanates (PZT).
The multilayer capacitors are constructed from very low-loss modified magnesium titanate ceramic and internal electrodes, which, when sintered under controlled conditions, form a monolithic and hermetically sealed device.
of Wisconsin-Madison have come up with a stiff composite made of barium titanate and tin held together in an "extraordinary way", according to Roderic Lakes, professor of engineering physics at the university.
recently announced test results for lithium ion (Li-ion) battery cells containing the company's nano-structured lithium titanate electrode materials, which reveal that the battery cells' performance exceeds the system-level power requirements set forth by the U.S.
NIST scientists demonstrated their new technique by creating libraries of barium strontium titanate (BST) films, a candidate to replace silicon-dioxide insulators in future dynamic random access memories.
A flattened metal tube lined with piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate serves as the stator.
Barium titanate ceramic materials have long history in electrotechnical applications.