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Noun1.titanosaurian - amphibious quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur with a long thin neck and whiplike tail; of the Cretaceous mostly in the southern hemisphere
dinosaur - any of numerous extinct terrestrial reptiles of the Mesozoic era
genus Titanosaurus, Titanosaurus - genus of herbivorous dinosaurs flourishing during the Cretaceous in South America
genus Argentinosaurus - enormous dinosaur of the middle Cretaceous found in Argentina
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A[cedilla] Shingopana songwensis -- titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur, Rukwa Rift Basin
"Mnyamawamtuka is important as it is a relatively complete animal from the early part of the titanosaurian diversification.
The Egyptian-US team of researchers have identified remains of the new titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur -Mansourasaurus-, from the Upper Cretaceous Quseir Formation of the Dakhla Oasis of the Egyptian Western Desert.
Recently the most famous vertebrates reported are dinosaurs (Titanosaurian sauropods facies and abelisaurian and Noasaurian theropods facies), mesoeucrocodiles and pterosaurs-the flying reptiles, Middle Eocene walking whale, the king of basal whales (Sulaimanitherium dhanotri), Oligocene Baluchitheria-the largest land mammals (Baluchitherium osborni and Buzdartherium gulkirao) and crocodile (Asifcroco retrai) and Miocene large proboscideans (Gomphotherium buzdari).
Main Caption: The all-Egyptian field team from the Mansoura University Vertebrate Paleontology initiative that found and collected the new titanosaurian dinosaur Mansourasaurus shahinae with the plaster 'jackets' containing the fossil skeleton at the disc They found out that the species, named Mansourasaurus shahinae, belongs to a dinosaur group called the Titanosaurs that mostly lived in southern Europe and eastern Asia.
In a study titled Downsizing a giant, the 85-feet long titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur or Dreadnoughtus, which was first estimated to be weighing around 60 tons, was reported to weigh only around 30 to 40 tons.
The diminutive dinosaurs included the titanosaurian sauropod Magyarosaurus, which had a body length of about 16 to 19 feet.
In addition to the titanosaurian material from Peiropolis area, remains of those sauropods are widely known in Upper Cretaceous units of Argentina.
Some most important vertebrate from Pakistan are titanosaurian sauropod and theropod dinosaurs, mesoeucrocodiles, walking whale, basal whale (Basilosauridae-king ofbasal whale), baluchithere-the largest land mammals, large proboscideans, etc.
The uniqueness of the Lo Hueco site is related to the richness, abundance and excellent preservation of the vertebrate fossils, particularly turtles, crocodiles and titanosaurian sauropods (e.g., multiple partial skeletons in articulation or high association).