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v. tit·il·lat·ed, tit·il·lat·ing, tit·il·lates
1. To stimulate by touching lightly; tickle.
2. To excite (another) pleasurably, superficially or erotically.
To excite another, especially in a superficial, pleasurable manner: "a steamy story of sex and violence, adultery and murder, designed to titillate as well as to shock" (John Guy).

[Latin tītillāre, tītillāt-, to tickle.]

tit′il·lat′er n.
tit′il·lat′ing·ly adv.
tit′il·la′tion n.
tit′il·la′tive adj.
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Adj.1.titillated - feeling mild pleasurable excitement
excited - in an aroused state
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New York, Sept 20 (ANI): 'Top Chef' host Padma Lakshmi reportedly titillated her male friends when she showed off her breast-feeding baby pic at a dinner party.
But later, at her old favourite Hawley Arms, Mighty Boosh star Noel Fielding looked titillated - though Wino still stumbled home alone around 3.
We're titillated despite--or because of--all the recent headlines about married men coming out.
Picnic'' shows its age with dignity: The play reflects an era when the Kinsey Report was ripping the veil off the hypocrisy of sexual repression, and audiences were titillated by the notion that beauty queens might have desires of their own.
This may put a damper on the wish to be titillated by unsolved mysteries.