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v. tit·il·lat·ed, tit·il·lat·ing, tit·il·lates
1. To stimulate by touching lightly; tickle.
2. To excite (another) pleasurably, superficially or erotically.
To excite another, especially in a superficial, pleasurable manner: "a steamy story of sex and violence, adultery and murder, designed to titillate as well as to shock" (John Guy).

[Latin tītillāre, tītillāt-, to tickle.]

tit′il·lat′er n.
tit′il·lat′ing·ly adv.
tit′il·la′tion n.
tit′il·la′tive adj.
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Adj.1.titillating - pleasantly and superficially exciting
exciting - creating or arousing excitement; "an exciting account of her trip"
2.titillating - giving sexual pleasure; sexually arousing
sexy - marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest; "feeling sexy"; "sexy clothes"; "sexy poses"; "a sexy book"; "sexy jokes"
3.titillating - exciting by touching lightly so as to cause laughter or twitching movements
exciting - creating or arousing excitement; "an exciting account of her trip"
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[ˈtɪtɪleɪtɪŋ] adjpropre à titiller l'imagination
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Ever since 'Baaji' was announced last year, the film has been titillating the imaginations of cinema audiences.
If you pose with a semi-automatic and you show off a great set of legs, there's something titillating about the juxtaposition of the feminine and the traditionally masculine in one photo....
Just how 'titillating' they will be can be gleaned from how they answer in a Sexy Talk.
Asked if the trailer, which has drawn attention, was a well-planned strategy to titillate, Varmasaid: "Titillating is a very relative world.
She spent much of her time in the buff for the role but explains: "I am naked almost all the time in the show but I am calm about it because it is not titillating in the slightest.
An alarming cautionary tale about how easy it is in the Internet age to ruin people's lives while hiding behind a cloak of anonymity, the pic boasts a humorously titillating entry hook that soon gives way to engrossing conspiracy-thriller-like content.
However, I'm surprised that she says one of them is showing her body off in a series of titillating selfies after she suddenly realised the abuse wasn't her fault.
This might sound like a titillating his might sound like a titillating drama, but Steve McQueen's critically acclaimed offering is anything but.
During a recent promotional event, on being questioned about the moral bankruptcy plaguing Bollywood with its titillating songs and double-entendre dialogues, the National-Award winning actress said that she doesn't like one dimensional characters and looking pretty in movies, Gulf News reported.
ACTRESS Sienna Miller launched an emotional attack on "titillating" press reports of her relationship with Bond star Daniel Craig, as she revealed to the hacking trial that it was "a very brief encounter".
RADHIKA BHIRANI IANS CHISELLED abdomens, cleavage, the body contour...Bollywood filmmakers are zooming in on women's curves to create titillating posters, aimed at crucial first week collections, perhaps emboldened by today's liberal censors.
It is not a technology that favours freedom of speech"Julian Assange, of Wikileaks fame "That means that we can hopefully raise even more cash for Red Nose Day - although I do think we might be completely mental" BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles, above, who is planning a world record of continuous broadcasting - more than 50 hours "For all that we wouldn't wish Diana's difficulties on Kate, there is a part of us that longs for another Diana" Author Monica Ali on Prince William's bride-to-be "Andrew's extraordinary criminal friends are a titillating scandal" Labour MP Paul Flynn on the Duke of York "Forget Wagner's Ring Cycle.