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tr.v. tit·i·vat·ed, tit·i·vat·ing, tit·i·vates
To make decorative additions to; spruce up.

[Alteration of earlier tidivate : perhaps tidy + (ele)vate.]

tit′i·va′tion n.
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Noun1.titivation - sprucing up; making decorative additions to
decoration - the act of decorating something (in the hope of making it more attractive)


n (old, hum)Verschönerung f
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Barring a bit of applied trim titivation, the dashboard of both cars is identical.
A few coats of paint have helped, but Chepstow needs more than mere cosmetic titivation - the old place needs a few quid spent on it.
Richard Howard's review in Book Week, 5 September 1965, states: "As pornography they [the works] are mechanical and lack precisely the quality of suggestiveness that makes titivation possible.
Unfortunately, there are men the world over who believe that women are there for their titivation and they have a divine right to stare or make comments.
These posers cried out for titivation with anagram or connections, anything to give it a lift.
Not only will the ads in the tunnels pay for the titivation, they will, according to Neil Dancer,chief highway engineer, provide ongoing income for the council.
around India Buildings, following the titivation of Liverpool's central business district streets, than a mini drama ensued last week.
But there's another way out, too: not titivation but titillation; not hard work but hard play.
The January-born colt is the second foal out of Titivation, a Montjeu half-sister to the duke's dual 1,000 Guineas winner Attraction.