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A substance, such as a solution, of known concentration used in titration.


(Chemistry) the solution in a titration that is added from a burette to a measured quantity of another solution


(ˈtaɪ trənt)

the reagent added in a titration.
[1935–40; tit (e) r + -ant]
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The total alkalinity (TA) was estimated by acid titration using the volumetric method with a phenolphthalein endpoint and methyl orange as an indicator, with sulfuric acid (H2SO4) used as the titrant (NOM-AA-36-1980).
Le journal qatari "Arraya" s'est fait l'echo du match de ce soir en titrant "Un sommet tunisien sous les projecteurs du mondial arabe", en evoquant que le match entre l'EST est le CAB est un nouvel episode sensationnel du football africain a travers une confrontation au sommet pour la Super coupe tunisienne, qui intervient quelques jours apres la Super coupe d'Afrique, remportee par le Raja de Casablanca aux depens de l'Esperance de Tunis (2-1).
sample size by reducing the alcoholic KOH titrant concentration from 0.1 Normal to 0.01 Normal.
Method of Agitation, Effect of Filtering and Dilute Titrant, doi: 10.1016/j.carbon.2010.05.004, Carbon, 48, 3313-3322 (2010)
To collect accurate readings, it is important to regularly clean the electrode and allow sufficient time between the addition of titrant to enable the measurement to reach equilibrium.
Briefly, a solution of 0.1 M HBr in glacial acetic acid was used as a titrant, 1 wt% crystal violet in glacial acetic acid was used as indicator, and toluene as solvent for the sample.
The concentration of tartaric acid was determined in a solution of 5 g of the juice diluted in 50 mL of distilled water, titrated with a Titrino 848 Plus automatic titrator (Metrohm, Sao Paulo, Brazil) using 0.1N NaOH as titrant; data were expressed as percentage (%) of tartaric acid (AOAC, 2012).
For each analysis performed with the titrator, specific solutions were prepared and the standardizations of the titrant solutions of each method were also carried out.
where [C.sub.RE] is the rare earth ion concentration, mL/mg; [C.sub.EDTA] is the titrant standard concentration, mL/mg; B is the burette reading after titration, mL; A is the burette reading before titration, mL; and the denominator of 5 indicates that 5 mL of the rare earth mother liquor is taken.
It drives a plastic syringe that is attached to a base platform and, in precise steps, raises the platform, pumping a titrant into a reaction beaker.
The optimal detection system is 2,2-dimethoxypropane as titrant, cyclohexane, and isopropanol as titration solvents and methanesulfonic acid as catalyst.