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tr. & intr.v. ti·trat·ed, ti·trat·ing, ti·trates
To determine the concentration of (a solution) by titration or perform the operation of titration.

[From French titrer, from titre, titer; see titer.]

ti′trat′a·ble adj.
ti′tra′tor n.
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If you were prescribed an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, angiotensin receptor blocker, beta-blocker or diuretic, your doctor may have explained that the drug needs to be titrated. Titration is a way to limit potential side effects by taking time to see how your body will react to a drug.
Caprio, a pediatric endocrinologist at Yale University, New Haven, Conn., and her colleagues enrolled 91 youth who were randomized to one of two treatment arms: metformin alone titrated over 4 weeks from 500 mg/day to a 1,000 mg twice daily dose (modified if necessary for GI symptoms), or to glargine followed by metformin.
One doctor noted that Inbrija should be a niche drug given existing therapies that are easily titrated to mitigate off-period side effects and potential risk of dyskinesia from increasing levodopa concentration, Richter writes.
Patients with higher baseline sST2 concentrations who were not titrated to high-dose BB therapy (P < 0.0001) had worse outcomes.
In the first stage, single escalating doses of ENT-01 were administered to 10 patients and titrated to tolerability.
[] Stop risperidone, and initiate clozapine, 12.5 mg/d, titrated to 450 mg/d
After one hour, 1 ml of the phenolphthalein solution was added and titrated with the standard hydrochloric acid.
BYETTA added to titrated insulin glargine achieved a significantly greater AK reduction vs titrated insulin glargine alone Mean change in AlC at 30 weeks BYETTA plus trated insulin glargine (n = 137) -1.7% Titrated insulin glargine alone (n = 122) -1.0% [rho] < .01 vs titrated insulin glargine alone.
According to Croda, IRB holds a unique position in the market with the widest range of plant cell lines characterized by specific markers and the ability to manufacture titrated plant extracts through its exclusive biotechnological process.
I report a novel use of titrated, intraoperative, low-dose sugammadex to allow temporary surgical nerve stimulation during a neck dissection followed by an apparently normal response to a standard dose of rocuronium.