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tr. & intr.v. ti·trat·ed, ti·trat·ing, ti·trates
To determine the concentration of (a solution) by titration or perform the operation of titration.

[From French titrer, from titre, titer; see titer.]

ti′trat′a·ble adj.
ti′tra′tor n.


(ˈtaɪtreɪtə; taɪˈtreɪtə)
(Chemistry) a device used to perform titration
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Noun1.titrator - an apparatus for performing a titration
apparatus, setup - equipment designed to serve a specific function
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Limited Tenders are invited for Spares for kf auto titrator
Hanna Instruments' automatic potentiometric titrator HI901C was designed with simplicity and focus in mind.
JM Science (Grand Island, NY) has introduced a titrator that includes free download software and RS-232 cable to connect to the customer's computer.
Mettler Toledo has introduced its compact 10S titrator design equipped with a high-resolution touch screen and the new One Click graphical user interface and PDF generation.
Mettler Toledo provides a new, compact and affordable family of titrators--The EasyPlus[TM], a compact and simple titrator specifically designed for basic requirements and first time users of automatic titrators in the food and chemical industries.
A slightly more expensive option is a more upscale titrator, which will perform many other titration-based analyses.
The Tix system, which rids the operators of the tedious task of uncapping, capping, weighing and pouring samples into the cell of the titrator, is a very cost effective tool for saving both time and labor.
The Plug and Play connection enables immediate automatic recognition by the titrator and configuration in the titrator's system upon connection.
Metrohm says you can trade your titrator and pH meter for a brand new one.
Thanks to a high degree of self-configuration and automation, the Excellence Titrator enhances productivity and avoids operator mistakes.
Welker heated regulators, when used with the Welker sample probes, are designed to provide your chromatograph, H2S analyzer, therm titrator, moisture analyzer, gravitometer, calorimeter or other on-line gas analyzer with a properly conditioned sample stream.
Another device, the KEM MKC-500 coulometric Karl Fischer moisture titrator, detects exact moisture content, titrating for quantitative analysis for moisture in solids, liquids, and gases.