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intr.v. tit·tered, tit·ter·ing, tit·ters
To laugh in a restrained, nervous way; giggle.
A nervous giggle.

[Probably imitative.]

tit′ter·er n.
tit′ter·ing·ly adv.
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 of magpies: a flock.
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Adj.1.tittering - being or sounding of nervous or suppressed laughter
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[ˈtɪtərɪŋ] nricanements mpl
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And then a whisper ran through the whole congregation, "Who is she?" but when she was discovered, such sneering, gigling, tittering, and laughing ensued among the women, that Mr Allworthy was obliged to exert his authority to preserve any decency among them.
The congregation being fully assembled, now, the bell rang once more, to warn laggards and stragglers, and then a solemn hush fell upon the church which was only broken by the tittering and whispering of the choir in the gallery.
A rustle followed, and an opening of desks; behind the lifted lids which momentarily screened the heads bent down to search for exercise-books, I heard tittering and whispers.
I thought of the glossy ringlets and pearly teeth; I thought of the Kalydor; I thought of the coachman's bruised ear and bloody nose; I thought of the tender love secrets which she had whispered to the judge and jury and a thousand tittering auditors,--and gave another groan!
"Look," cry his tittering audience to each other; "he's blushing!"
Grins overspread the grotesque features of the audience, and there was a sound of tittering.
He heard in one room a tittering and incontinent, slack laughter; in others the monologue of a scold, the rattling of dice, a lullaby, and one crying dully; above him a banjo tinkled with spirit.
While it's tricky to tell how much tumbleweed is meant to roll across the stage and how much comes from gags really failing to hit their mark, there are too many occasions when the action is just too shambolic, and the reaction bemused silence rather than loud laughter or embarrassed tittering.
Well, that a shock in the pool stages is about as likely as seeing a tittering Alan Carr slapping Stone Cold Steve Austin's lycra clad bottom in a WWF Smackdown tag-team bout.