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n. pl. tit·u·lar·ies
A titleholder; a titular.
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Adj.1.titulary - of or relating to a legal title to something; "titulary rights"
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(16.) Several later kings, notably Pepi I of the sixth dynasty and Mentuhotep II of the eleventh dynasty also appeared with s3-hwt-hr, son of Hathor, names as part of their titularies, and Pepi I also occasionally designated himself s3-atm, Son of Atum, the primordial god, often syncretized with Re as Atum-Re.
(174) This position not only protects occupants and lessors--themselves titularies of personal rather than real rights--by confirming that they may institute an action, but also recognizes that "a person, and not land, actually suffers the annoyances and claims compensation." (175)
As Fales notes, the term is often used in titularies, which describe the king as subduing the mustarhu.