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n. pl. tit·u·lar·ies
A titleholder; a titular.
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Adj.1.titulary - of or relating to a legal title to something; "titulary rights"
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He then describes four stages in planning temple building programs, emphasizing the importance of the form of the royal titulary in the beginning of the process, describing it "als Nucleus der Grundlage von Tempelplanungen." The wall scenes, which are the focus of most of the studies in this volume, come very late in the process, after the locations and types of temples were chosen based on political considerations.
Edited by scholars working in the field of translatology and imagology, the volume is a collection of sixteen chapters, covering various periods, languages, genres and media, which show that both titulary disciplines can meet and benefit from each other's methodologies and insights.
2890-2686 BCE, (11) in the name of the king Re'-Nb, "Re/Sun is my Lord," (12) or Nb-Re', or "Lord of Re/Sun." (13) By the fourth dynasty, 2613-2498 BCE, (14) one regularly finds kings bearing theophoric names incorporating Re's name, and by the fifth dynasty, beginning about 2497 BCE, on accession to the throne, kings regularly assumed a s3-Re name, the Son of Re name, (15) as the fifth name in their titulary. (16) This gradual elevation of Re, the sun, may be understood as a precursor to the elevation of the Aten by Akhenaten.
The author has reversed the positions of the last two components of the royal titulary; his etymology of the nesu-bity title is doubtful, as is his definition of the royal ka, which was created at the same time as the royal body, cf.
(47) Writing of the Scottish trust, which forms a separate patrimony with the trustee as its titulary, George Gretton states that it would be "absurd" if real subrogation did not operate in a case of an unlawful purchase by the trustee using trust property: George L Gretton, "Constructive Trusts: I" (1997) 1:3 Ed L Rev 281 at 297-98.
For example, in Mary Wollstonecraft has her titulary heroine write "a rhapsody on sensibility.