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1.Where is the tittle in tittle or the titulus in titulus located?
Siegesbeckius in Conventu Academiae legit dissertationem suam, cui titulus est: Observatio botanica de Sabina.
(25) <<Praeter absentiam irregularitatis et animae pietatem, requirit etiam Ecclesia in ordines suscepturis, qualitates positivas, quae sunt: aetas determinata, gradu definitus, scientiae, libertas et titulus ordinationis>>.
170-175, e il capitolo fa parte del IV libro (o titulus ossia categoria) De homine, e non ha indicazione di numero.
A titulus pictus with an imperial mention in Carthago Nova and some considerations concerning the urban dynamics of the city in the early 3rd century AD
He covers imperium, dominium, and responsibility under international law; territorium et titulus; British Nigeria; French equatorial Africa; German Cameroon; ex facto ius oritur; and a reflection on the nature of international law: redressing the illegality of Africa's colonization.
At the death of a distinguished ecclesiastic, the rotulus was carried on circuit from his home monastery to other houses likely to be sympathetic, each one contributing a note or comment of its own (a titulus) to the growing collection.