to carry the ball

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to carry on the task; to assume the responsibility.

See also: Ball

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It did happen to me also when I forgot to carry the ball which was kept on our table at the tea interval.
"He likes to carry the ball up front in the last third of the pitch, scoring and showing his moves.
France, who had beaten Kenya 19-14 at the same stage in the previous USA Sevens leg, led 7-0 at the break.Things changed when Andrew Amonde came in with Kenya getting to carry the ball forward.
"He hits hard and carries the ball well and against Fiji we know they are going to carry the ball hard, so we need stopping power.
Originality, skill and confidence to carry the ball, when a pass is not on is key, not "bagatelle" passing.
If you're able to carry the ball on the right angle the course becomes so much easier."
The game has eight players, two nets, a foam ball and eight stun guns and its aim is to carry the ball to your opponents' net and score.
I had Kevin Ratcliffe who was very quick and used to love to carry the ball from the back and make exciting runs, but we had a system where Paul Bracewell would always drop back and cover for Rats when he disappeared on one of his sorties.
"I am also maturing more as a player and have made the mental decision that I am going to carry the ball come what may.
"So it was a little bit tongue-in-cheek really, the two guys have had their hands taped as a reminder they need to carry the ball in two hands, which gives them the option to pass.
But bitter United boss Sir Alex Ferguson attacked Mourinho, claiming he had influenced referee Steve Bennett not to award a United goal after Chelsea keeper Petr Cech appeared to carry the ball over his own line under pressure.